Musty Smell? Fight Back with the Best Odor Removal Products.

Rental property and foreclosures are good if you want to put extra cash in your pocket. However, if you have owned a rental home or bought a foreclosed property to resell it, you have probably encountered a musty smell in the house.

When you walk into a foreclosed home you probably hold your breath knowing that often times trash has been left with rotting food and anything else the previous owners didn’t want. Sometimes there are a variety of items strewn about and not a single thing cleaned upon exit by the previous occupants. Old food and trash will leave an unmistakable odor.

You can be sure that no one is going to buy or rent a house if it smells like a dead animal. Getting rid of that musty smell in the house will probably be the most tedious chore of all without the right odor eliminating products. Most companies want you to believe that you have to spend a ton of money to get a product that works to clean your house. Unfortunately, they don’t do anything to neutralize the odor. If your carpet gets wet again, the smell will be right back to haunt you.

If you are looking for an easy way to neutralize nasty odors, you should be using Biocide Systems odor eliminating products. Room Shocker Quick Release and Room Shocker Time Release are an unbeatable combination when it comes to getting even the most offensive odors out of a house.

Biocide Systems will allow you to consume less time eliminating odors and more time selling or renting homes. You don’t have to worry about the odors coming back like you do with conventional air fresheners. We don’t sell products that only “freshen” the air. Our odor removal products break odors down instead of putting a nice smell on top of the odor in hopes of masking it for a little while.

If you are ready to make your odor problems disappear, give us a call at 877-792-4624 today.

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