New Home, Awful Stench

You just finished signing the papers, the home is now yours! You rush over, pull in the driveway and excitedly use your key for the very first time and walk through the front door…and almost gag at the pet odor that virtually attacks you as you step in to the house. How could you not have noticed the overwhelming stench of cat urine, wet dog and general feces when you walked through the house the first few times. How could the former homeowners not have mentioned that they never learned how to remove pet odor permanently? The truth is, you are not the first new homeowner in this situation and you won’t be the last.

Many homeowners either do not care properly for their pets and the inevitable accidents or are just unaware that there is a product available that actually eliminates the pet odor rather than just covering it with perfumes. In fact, the former homeowners may have thought they had eliminated the odor when they scrubbed urine stains with carpet cleaner and sprayed deodorizing concoctions throughout the home. All they actually accomplished was a moving around of urine crystals and a masking of the pet odor with perfumes.

The good news is that you have the power to completely eliminate pet odors from your new home without adding a harsh chemical scent or working your fingers to the bone. The first step is to spray Biocide Systems ClO2 Liquid Shocker on any obvious stains, being sure to follow label directions carefully and blot rather than rub the stain. Other dog odor remover products may help lift the urine stain but cannot eliminate the embedded urine and crystals that often form but the ClO2 Liquid Shocker can. Once you have lifted the stains you can see, use a room Shocker pouch in each room of the home to eliminate the pet odor from every surface in the house, even though you would not expect to have absorbed the smell. The Chlorine Dioxide vapors enclosed in the room Shocker are able to penetrate every porous surface including walls, floors, and fabrics to get rid of the stench for good.

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