Putting the Grown Up Toys Away the Right Way

Many of us, especially in the Northern states, dock our boats and park our RVs for the winter months. It’s generally with a sigh and a wistful look back over the summer, wishing that we could stretch it out just a few more weeks. We know this isn’t the time most people think about Spring and getting the recreational equipment ready for the upcoming season, but it should be.

Think back to last Spring/early Summer. Remember the smell when you first pulled back the tarp or opened the RV after months of having it shut up? Remember the stale, musty odors?

We’re not suggesting you don’t keep your boats and RVs clean, but the fact is that most people really don’t know how to get rid of boat odor. We’re sure that your RV would have smelled great at the beginning of the season if you had known how to get rid of RV odor.

The best way to avoid bad smells in the Spring is to Bio-Shock your boat and RV when you put them away in the Fall. Biocide Systems’ Auto Shocker and Marine Shocker are perfect for eliminating odors completely.

Odors are generally caused by decaying organic material. The reason your boat or RV develops a strong odor while it’s in storage is that it has several months, usually without much ventilation, for that decaying organic material to foment. When you Bio-Shock your boat and RV, you eliminate the odors on the molecular level. Of course, you’ll still want to clean your boat and RV (Auto Shocker and Marine Shocker are odor removal products, not cleaning products or disinfectants, per se). Cleaning alone, though, doesn’t generally remove odors-at least not completely.

Auto Shocker and Marine Shocker are both safe and easy to use. The simple instructions will show you how to get rid of RV odor and how to get rid of boat odor now, so when next Summer comes, you can get your RV and boat out and start enjoying yourself that much quicker, without having to deal with musty boat and RV smell.

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