Regret Allowing Your Tenants to Have Pets? BioShock Can Get Rid of the Odors

Owning or managing an apartment complex can be complicated. Not only do you have to deal with tenants while they’re living in your building, you have to deal with them after they move out and what they leave behind – most noticeably, the odors! Pet odor removal can be a difficult one to tackle, especially if you’ve allowed pets in your complex for years. Thankfully, you can easily remove odors with a pet odor eliminator from Biocide.

Room Shocker is a proven pet odor eliminator which gets rid of even the toughest of pet odors, including the seemingly impossible to remove cat pee smell. Combined with ClO2 Liquid Shocker, a great carpet odor eliminator, Room Shocker will leave your apartments smelling fresh and clean for the next tenants. Pet odor removal doesn’t have to require days of scrubbing, cleaning or getting rid of furniture and ripping up carpet.

Use ClO2 Liquid Shocker to remove acute smells, such as cat urine. Liquid Shocker is a great carpet odor eliminator for cat urine, which dries and leaves odor-releasing crystals behind which are activated any time the area becomes wet or humid. That’s the reason pet odor removal of cat urine is so difficult – it seems like it’s taken care of but it’s still lurking about!

After you take care of the offending smells, freshen the whole room with our pet odor eliminator Room Shocker. Room Shocker works in 24 hours or less and completely eradicates any odors, pet, cigarette or otherwise. Simply activate the packet in water and leave it alone to do its work – no hours of cleaning necessary!

Biocide has a whole line of odor removal products, from carpet odor eliminators and beyond. You don’t have to regret allowing pets in your complex, but you may regret not using Biocide! Check out our Apartment Manager 10-Pack bundle and save 30% - ideal for when you have a lot of rooms to BioShock!

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