Remove Cigarette Smoke Smell From Your RV for Maximum Resale Value

Is it time to upgrade to a new RV or camper, or maybe just time to sell the old one, but you’re afraid cigarette smell or other odors will lower the value of your trade in? If you want to get top dollar when you sell or trade in your RV, you’ll need to know how to remove RV odor.

In particular, you’ll want to make absolutely sure that you remove any cigarette smoke smell, as this is one of the main issues which typically bring down the value of RVs. Biocide System’s RV Shocker Quick Release and 30 Day Time Release variants can help ensure that you get top dollar for your RV.

Think about it: when you first bought your RV, even if you bought it used, you weren’t thinking about how to remove RV odor. But if you had noticed smoke smell, you would have either refused to take delivery of the RV in that condition, or you would have negotiated for a better price. After all, when people purchase an RV, their thoughts are of the open road, campgrounds, and the great outdoors. The last thing anyone wants in their new (or new to them) RV is cigarette smoke smell. Even smokers will object to paying full price for an RV if you don’t remove cigarette smoke smell from it.

Fortunately, it isn’t difficult to remove cigarette smoke smell, if you have the right tools. Biocide’s RV Shocker Quick Release gets rid of cigarette smoke smell, and gets rid of it in a hurry. The instructions are easy to follow. It’s the only product you’ll need to quickly eradicate smoke and other odors from your RV.

Ideally, if you have the time, you should follow up your use of Biocide RV Shocker Quick Release with our RV Shocker 30 Day Time Release, as this gives the best results and leaves your RV smelling clean and odor free.

Of course, there are other factors which go into getting the best price for your RV. You’ll want to make sure to thoroughly clean it inside and out, make minor repairs, and be prepared to haggle with the sales person (never accept the first price when selling or buying an RV, ever). But knowing how to remove RV odor with Biocide Systems’ RV Shocker is an important part of making sure you get a good offer for your used RV.

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