Removing Odors from Car Carpets

It would seem like removing car odors should be fairly easy. After all, most of the car’s surfaces are nonporous and easy to clean and disinfect. So, why is it that you just can’t get rid of stubborn odors? What do the top auto detailers know that you don’t know?

The truth is, removing car odors isn’t difficult if you know how to remove car odors and you have the right tools-starting with an effective carpet odor eliminator. You see, most of the really stubborn car odors, from cigarette odor to that musty body odor smell that accumulates in older cars, gets trapped deep into the car’s upholstery, carpet, and seats. The right carpet odor eliminator is all you need for removing car odors.

So, where can you find a carpet odor eliminator that can tackle the tough odors that set into used cars? The best one on the market is Biocide Systems’ Auto Shocker. There’s no need to spend a lot of time worrying about how to remove car odors. Auto Shocker is easy to use and will generally eliminate all odors in one application.

What makes Auto Shocker so much different from any other carpet odor eliminator you could pick up at the store? Simply this: Auto Shocker’s active ingredient-chlorine dioxide-does more than cover odors up. It eliminates them completely. It does this by bonding with the decaying organic material that causes odors. When Auto Shocker meets the source of car odors, the ensuing chemical reaction release harmless ions into the air while simultaneously neutralizing the smell. You are left with an odor free car.

Whether you’re looking to sell used cars (and want them to smell cleaner so you can command a higher price), sell or trade in your personal car, or just want a more comfortable, less smelly ride, Auto Shocker is the carpet odor eliminator you’ve been looking for. Nothing is more effective for removing car odors. Try it yourself and see. When you want your car to smell better than new, BioShock it with Auto Shocker.

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