Simple Steps to Improve the Trade-in Value of Your Car

If you’re a smoker, you’re probably used to smoke odors in your home and car. Unfortunately, anyone who doesn’t smoke will notice them right away, especially in a vehicle. If you’re planning on trading in your car, you can up the value by removing smoke odor from car before speaking with a reputable dealer. You may think it’s impossible to eliminate smoke odors, but it’s simply not true. Here are some steps to get rid of smoke odors for good:

  • Clean out your car completely. Remove all trash and debris and give it a good scrub down. This won’t eliminate smoke odors, but it will give you a good starting point to do so.
  • Don’t use air fresheners. These don’t work by removing smoke odor from car – instead, they just cover it up, causing you to think the smell isn’t as bad as it actually is.
  • Open the glove compartment and ashtray and place floor mats on their side. Now, you’re ready to get rid of smoke odors with Biocide’s Auto Shocker Quick Release.
  • Activate the Auto Shocker packet and seal up the car. Auto Shocker uses chlorine dioxide to completely eliminate smoke odors in less than 24 hours!
  • When it’s done, air out the car. This will help get rid of a faint chlorine smell. Removing smoke odor from car has never been quicker or easier!

You’ll want to use Biocide’s Auto Shocker to get rid of smoke odors a few days before trading your car in. This way, you’ll have time to air it out completely. Many people tell you it’s impossible to eliminate smoke odors, but they’ll have no idea you ever lit a cigarette in your vehicle when you use Auto Shocker. Now, you can eliminate smoke odors, not just cover them up with fragrances. After all, who wants a vanilla-smelling ashtray?

Even if you’re not trading in your car, you can use Biocide’s Auto Shocker to get rid of smoke odors, fast. Just because you’re a smoker it doesn’t mean you have to drive around in a car smelling of ash. Removing smoke odor from car has never been easier with Auto Shocker.

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