Solutions for Getting Rid of Odor in your RV

When your RV starts to put more funk in your trip than you expected, with that nasty smell coming from well..., somewhere, it’s time to take action.

If you’re unsure of where the bad odor is coming from, but you need to get it out of your RV, you can use a product called RV Shocker. This product uses chlorine dioxide and will remove all smells such as cigarette smells, pet smells, and other unpleasant odors from your RV in only two to four hours.

One of the biggest odor problems that occurs in an RV is a musty smell. Musty smells come from dark, damp places and so your best bet is to first find any areas where moisture might be coming in. Check the windows and look for any cracks around the doors or other areas. Then give the entire RV a very thorough cleaning. Remember to clean everything including mattresses, cushions, furniture, and anything else that might absorb and hold the odor. Then leave them outside until they are completely dry.

Of course, there are always easier ways to get rid of odors in your RV too. One is our product, RV Shocker. This product is available in both quick-release form and thirty-day release form. Both of these products contain chlorine dioxide, which will be released as soon as it’s placed in water. So whether you need a one-time fix for a smell in your RV, or you’re dealing with a lingering odor problem, RV Shocker will be just the thing to get you back on the road again in style – and in a fresh-smelling space!

One last thought, RV Shocker is also excellent for removing that strong toxic fresh off the line new RV chemical odor!

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