Summer Time is Odor Time for Pets

There’s no time like summer time. Time to soak up some rays, crank up the AC, and let the kids and pets run wild and free. Unfortunately, though, all that time outside means that pets (and kids, for that matter), tend to pick up some pretty grungy odors. While regular baths are the best way to keep the pets (and kids) from staying smelly, it’s impossible to keep the odor completely away.

Even the cleanest dogs will end up smelling funky (and making the carpet and furniture smell just as funky) if you don’t have the right odor removal products. The fact that we tend to keep our homes closed up during the dog days of summer only makes pet odors worse.

You keep a clean home, and chances are that you’ve tried all kinds of odor removal products. Most of them seem to work OK for a while, but the pet odors just keep coming back. The reason, frankly, is that your average pet odor eliminator doesn’t eliminate odors at all; it only covers them up and masks them with fragrance. Trying to get rid of pet odors in your home with those kinds of odor removal products is kind of like skipping showers and just putting on extra cologne or perfume-sooner or later the stink is going to come through.

What if we told you there’s a pet odor eliminator that does more than cover odors up? What if we told you about odor removal products that actually remove the odors completely? Using those kinds of odor removal products would be a no brainer, right?

Biocide Systems produces a variety of odor removal products, including the best pet odor eliminator on the market. No matter what kinds of smells your dog brings into the house-even if your dog has an unfortunate run in with a skunk- you can count on Biocide Systems to deliver a pure, odor neutral atmosphere to your home.

All of Biocide Systems’ products, from our Room Shocker and Auto Shocker to our Doggi Cleen spray, operate on the same basic principle. Odors are caused by decaying organic matter. Our products find that matter, whether it’s on the pets or in the carpet, and bond with it, causing a harmless chemical reaction that eliminates odors completely at their source. Wherever you happen to be dealing with pet odors this summer-in the car, in the home, or in the kennel, Biocide Systems has the odor removal products you need to get rid of the odor fast.

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