The Best Way to Get Skunk Odor Off Your Dog

“No! Rover! No! That’s not a……”

Does that sound like a familiar conversation with your (soon to be skunk sprayed) dog? If not, it could be. And unfortunately, your dog doesn’t understand enough English to get the message soon enough to stop the inevitable. Even if he did understand you, his curiosity would likely get the better of him (whoever said “curiosity killed the cat” never had a dog sprayed by a skunk). You need Doggi CLEEN, fast.

Skunks have shown themselves to be some of the most adaptable critters in all creation, making themselves equally at home in the woods or in the suburbs. It’s not even unheard of to have skunks wandering around city neighborhoods at night. Given that most people just do their best to stay the heck out of their way, skunks can survive just about anywhere they can find food and water. And if they make their home near yours, you’re going to want to have an effective skunk odor eliminator on hand.

Don’t just pick up any odor eliminator from the store shelves. Most of them simply don’t work on skunk odor. Even if they did, getting a dog sprayed by a skunk to sit still long enough for you to scrub them with it isn’t exactly easy. When you’re dealing with a skunk sprayed dog, you need an odor eliminator that works quickly (before Fido has a chance to rub the smell all over the kids, furniture, and carpet), effectively (so you only have to apply it once), and without freaking your dog out (especially if your dog doesn’t like baths…and most don’t). A skunk sprayed dog is already freaked out and uncomfortable. You need a product that will be easy to apply so you can focus on calming your four footed friend down.

The best odor eliminator to use for a skunk sprayed dog is Biocide Systems’ Doggi Cleen Skunk Spray. This powerful odor eliminator does more than mask skunk smell, it destroys the offensive odor (and a host of other organic odors). In most cases, you will only need one application. Best of all, it comes in a spray, so you won’t have to drown your dog in order to apply it. Simply spray it on and let the active ingredient (chlorine dioxide) do its work. Your dog is left feeling and smelling fresh and clean.

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