The Five Worst Pet Odors and How to Keep Them in Check

There are many reasons you might need a pet odor eliminator. Our best animal friends are a blessing when it comes to companionship, but to remove pet odor can be a real burden. There are claims of vinegar or bleach being a good pet odor remover but they never seem to work as well as they should. Here are five of the worst pet odors and what to do about them:

  • Cat urine. This is always highest on everyone’s list. Cat urine leaves behind tiny crystals in carpeting and fabric which keeps it smelling long after it’s dried. To remove pet odor like cat urine from carpet you need Biocide’s ClO2 Liquid Shocker. This can be applied directly to fabric to get rid of cat urine smells, fast. Afterwards, use a pet odor eliminator like Room Shocker to clear the air.
  • Dog urine. Dog urine isn’t nearly as offensive as cat, but it’s still pretty bad. The process to remove pet odor such as dog urine is the same. Biocide’s pet odor remover Room Shocker Quick Release works in a jiffy to get your home smelling great again.
  • Vomit. Dogs and cats get in to all sorts of things, including the garbage. Usually, when it comes back up, it smells even worse than when it was going down. Remove pet odor in the carpet with Liquid Shocker and then get rid of lingering smells with Room Shocker.
  • Wet dog. When your dog comes in from a rainstorm, it seems like the first thing he wants to do is flop all over the clean furniture. A pet odor eliminator such as Room Shocker will get rid of the wet dog smell in less than a day and is perfectly safe to use around your loved ones, human OR animal.
  • Skunk. If you’ve ever tried to keep a dog outside after he’s been sprayed by a skunk you know it’s an impossible task. With DoggiCleen Skunk Spray you don’t have to worry about trying to do the ineffective tomato juice bath. Simply spray your dog down with DoggiCleen pet odor remover and then get the smell out of your home with Room Shocker. Purchase our DoggiCleen Skunk 911 Kit so you have these pet odor removers at the ready when disaster strikes.

With Biocide’s products, it IS possible to remove pet odor. Contrary to popular belief, a pet odor eliminator does exist and it’s found at Biocide Systems.

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