The Worst Pet Smell and What to do About It

Pets can leave a lot of nasty smells behind. Dog vomit, skunk and wet dog are just a few of the odors your home can do without. One of the worst pet odors to deal with is cat urine. If your cat peed outside of its litter box, you need a strong pet odor eliminator to get rid of cat pee smell completely. Any leftover urine residue will continue to release odor and stink up your home. You can remove pet odors such as cat pee with Biocide Systems’ Room Shocker and other products.

One of the first steps to get rid of cat pee is to use Biocide Systems’ ClO2 Liquid Shocker. To activate this heavy duty pet odor eliminator, simply mix it with water to create a solution to use for mopping, soaking, spraying and general cleaning. It works on any hard surface and can also be sprayed on fabrics for fast odor removal. The reason it’s so hard to get rid of cat pee odors is because it leaves behind tiny crystals which dry and continue to release the strong stench.

Once you remove pet odors such as cat pee with Liquid Shocker, use Room Shocker to completely wipe out the left over odor. Room Shocker can be used as a pet odor eliminator while also getting rid of other offensive odors at the same time, such as cigarette smoke or fish. It doesn’t need to be impossible to remove pet odors like cat urine; you just need the right product. Best of all, Biocide Systems’ products are completely safe to use around your pets, so there’s no worry about hurting your furry friends.

Room Shocker is also great for general, less acute pet smells, especially with spring cleaning coming up. After finishing up your heavy duty cleaning, use Room Shocker to BioShock your home in to smelling as fresh as the day you moved in. Room Shocker is more than a pet odor eliminator – it’s an all odor eliminator.

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