What Good is Carpet Cleaning if You Don’t Use a Carpet Odor Eliminator?

You just got your carpet cleaned, so why does it still smell so bad? Biocide can eliminate that deep set odor so your carpets will smell as good as they look after a steam cleaning.

It’s a great idea to get your carpet professionally cleaned at least once a year – a heavy duty carpet cleaning system can get rid of gunk and debris your regular vacuum and steam cleaner just can’t. However, there’s no point in spending all the money to get your carpet cleaned if you don’t use a carpet odor eliminator! Some office supply stores sell cleaning products but they are not enough. Horrible smells can easily seep into the carpet and hang around until the carpet gets wet, and then all of a sudden they’re out in full force. Simply cleaning doesn’t get rid of carpet odors.

If you want to totally remove carpet odors once and for all, you need Biocide’s Room Shocker Quick Release packet. This packet of chlorine dioxide is the ultimate carpet odor eliminator, and does its work in less than a day! When you need to remove carpet odors like cat urine, skunk or cigarette smoke, you need something strong and efficient – you need Room Shocker.

Room Shocker does exactly what it sounds like – it literally shocks and deodorizes the room. With Room Shocker, you can get rid of carpet odors you never thought possible, such as cat urine. No matter how much you scrub with vinegar or soap and water, it’s just not enough to fully remove cat urine smell. With a carpet odor eliminator like Room Shocker, however, you can totally erase the smell, and it won’t return whenever the carpet gets damp.

This is because Room Shocker actually removes carpet odors instead of just masking them with perfume scents. After all, stacking a nice aroma on top of a bad one just gives you a nicer smelling odor – it doesn’t actually get rid of carpet odors! If you want to remove carpet odors forever, you need a carpet odor eliminator. Room Shocker gets rid of carpet odors in a jiffy and leaves the whole room smelling fresh and clean.

For a daily carpet odor eliminator, invest in some packets of Room Shocker Time Release. Time Release can be used to remove carpet odors while you’re still in the room, and can maintain the pleasant scent achieved by Room Shocker Quick Release.

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