Why Most Odor Removal Products Don’t Eliminate Smoking Odors

If you’re a smoker, you might not know what the fuss is about smoke odors. After all, you’re accustomed to the smell and it doesn’t bother you, as long as it isn’t totally out of control. Your nonsmoking friends, however, probably don’t feel the same way. You might think that spraying Lysol or other odor removal products or putting some potpourri out eliminates smoke odors, but your nonsmoking friends will still notice them.

Whether you’re trying to make your home or apartment smell nice or trying to remove smoke odor from car, you need odor removal products that actually remove the odors. Most products simply cover them up (and not very well). Biocide Systems’ line of odor removal products completely and permanently eliminates smoke odors. It also eliminates pet odors and other organic odors (i.e., the vast majority of odors in your home or car).

Most odor removal products don’t’ do anything to deal with the actual odor. Air fresheners and similar products try to make your home or car smell better by masking the smell with another smell. The reason Biocide Systems’ odor removal products work better is that they deal with odors on a molecular level. When you use Room Shocker, Auto Shocker, or one of Biocide Systems’ other odor removal products, the active ingredient (chlorine dioxide) bonds with the odorous molecules. Harmless ions are released and the chemical makeup of the odor causing molecules is changed. You are left with an odor-neutral space.

Whether you are trying to remove smoke odor from car, eliminate musty odors from a room, or dealing with skunk smell on your dog, Biocide Systems has the perfect odor removal products for you. They all work on the same principle: completely and permanently eliminating odors. The choice is yours: you can use standard odor removal products and cover up the smells with fragrance or you can Bio-Shock your home and car and eliminate the odors completely.

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