You CAN Remove Skunk Smell – Here’s How

Maybe your dog was out in the yard and was surprised. Maybe you stumbled across its path yourself. The only sure thing is it smells terrible and seems impossible to get rid of – it’s a skunk! When you have a run in with a skunk and need to remove skunk odor, you need something which works quickly and works well. In order to eliminate skunk odor you don’t need tomato juice, baking soda or any other popular remedies that don’t actually do anything. Instead, you need a product like Biocide Systems’ Skunk 911 Rescue Kit to get rid of skunk odor fast.

The Skunk 911 Kit has DoggiCleen Skunk Spray along with Biocide Systems’ Room Shocker in order to remove skunk odor from both your pet and your home. You can get rid of skunk odor with DoggiCleen Skunk Spray, and it doesn’t have the unfortunate staining effects of tomato juice, which doesn’t actually work in the first place. When you try to eliminate skunk odor with tomato juice you may notice the smell fades, but we assure you it’ll be back and stronger than ever in just a few days.

Instead, use DoggiCleen Skunk Spray to clean up your furry friend, then BioShock your home with Room Shocker. Also included in the kit is ClO2 Liquid Shocker, which can be dissolved in water and used in a spray bottle or to mop floors. This product is especially effective when you have hardwood floors to clean or when you need to get rid of skunk odor on the walls.

You don’t need to rip up your carpeting or tear down your walls in order to remove skunk odor from your home. With Biocide Systems’ Skunk 911 Rescue Kit you can eliminate skunk odor in just a few easy steps. Room Shocker works in less than 24 hours, and you’ll be amazed at how well it gets rid of that skunk smell! It’s a good idea to have a Skunk 911 Rescue Kit on hand for when unexpected emergencies occur.

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