You Love The Color, But Not The Smell! Get Rid Of That Paint Odor In Your Home!

Painting and redecorating your home is an exciting time, but it does come with some pitfalls. Before you live with that stunning color you’ve so painstakingly chosen, you’ll first have to live with that horrible smell the paint has left behind. How long you’ll have to live with it is up to you, and there are some things that you can try to get rid of paint smell from your home. Generally speaking though, paint odor is one of the strongest odors you could have in your home, especially if you’ve painted more than one room. And because the bad smell is due to fumes, you may have to try something stronger than a home remedy to get eliminate the bad smell, plus the toxins from the fumes.

First, be aware that paint smells its strongest from the time you apply it until the time it’s completely dried. It will still continue to release fumes and smell for about a month afterwards but the smell will only be at its worst for the first week after putting it up on your walls. Lots of people try to lay out bowls of coffee grinds or baking soda to absorb the smell, but paint does smell very strongly, and this will probably not be enough to eliminate the paint odor. The best thing you can do while the paint is being put up is to make sure plenty of ventilation is provided and that as many windows are open as possible.

Also keep in mind that paint dries slowest in humid temperatures. If you’re painting in a very humid climate, invest in a dehumidifier and keep it running while you’re painting. Also, have fans positioned by open windows that can pull fresh air in, and to keep the air flow moving through the room. Try if possible to also paint in the morning and be finished by early or late afternoon. This will give the paint the less amount of exposure to the paint as possible, because it will be able to dry in the cooler night air.

Of course, opening windows and laying out odor neutralizers are probably not going to be enough to completely get rid of paint smell in your house. And that means that until it’s completely dried and aired out, you’re going to have to live with both the smell and those nasty fumes. That is, unless you use a product that can not only deodorize the air, but also sanitize it and get rid of all those nasty fumes at the same time.

Our Room Shocker Quick Release ( product is easy to use and will have your room back to the fresh-smelling space it was before you ever opened a can of paint in it. The amazing Chlorine Dioxide in this product will not only eliminate the paint smell in 24 hours or less, but it will also sanitize the air and get rid of all those fumes the paint’s left behind. And, because this product is so powerful, there’s a good chance you’ll only have to use it once, and get rid of that paint smell once and for all.

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