You Smoke. So What? Your Car Doesn’t Need to Smell Like an Ashtray

Removing smoke odor from car isn’t impossible, no matter what you’ve been told. Biocide Systems’ Auto Shocker is specially designed to eliminate smoke odors. Those deep set smoke odors that get down deep into the seats and carpeting are no match for Auto Shocker.

If you smoke, then you already know that removing smoke smell from car isn’t easy. Most smokers just give up and accept the “fact” that their cars are going to have some degree of smoke odor no matter what they do and that they’re going to have to take less when they sell or trade in their cars. The problem is that they’re not using the right product for removing smoke odor from car.

Car air fresheners are fine if you want your otherwise clean smelling car to smell like cherries, pine trees, lemons, or whatever other flavor air freshener you happen to find. They don’t do a thing for removing smoke smell from car, though.

For removing smoke smell from car, you need an odor eliminating product that cleans it up completely. You need Auto Shocker.

Removing smoke smell from car is easy with Auto Shocker. One application, and your smoke odor is gone completely. What’s more, any other odors you may have in your car will be gone, too. Auto Shocker destroys all organic odors leaving your car smelling clean and fresh.

Want to get rid of smoke smell in your home, too? Try Room Shocker Quick Release. You don’t have to live with lingering smoke smell just because you enjoy a cigarette now and again. BioShock your home and your car today.

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