Apartment Odor Eliminator

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Biocide Systems has created a simple solution that can eliminate apartment odor more effectively than baking soda, white vinegar, carbon filters, or any other consumer air freshener. Our solution uses chlorine dioxide (ClO2), an oxidizing gas that removes electrons from reactive odor molecules. Being opposite in charge to these molecules, it is attracted to them like a magnet, which makes our product the most effective odor neutralizer available.

How Is Room Shocker Used?

Our ClO2 odor dissolving product is suited for virtually any apartment odor removal application. It can get rid of the smell of cigarette smoke, vomit, and pet odors including urine and musty odors that can show up around the house, as well as pungent smells from around the litter box. Even smoke, rotten food, and mold odors are no match for our non-toxic, eco-friendly solution.

Each container of Bio-Shocker can treat a room of up to 400 square feet. It works by releasing a vapor into a confined area, which penetrates into any porous material. No complicated cleaning products or harsh chemicals are needed. The vapor reacts with odor molecules until the room smells fresh and clean and you are left with fresh air to breathe.

Order Your Apartment Odor Eliminator Today

Don’t settle for consumer cleaning products that only mask odors. Bio-Shocker eliminates odors permanently and can even remove microorganisms. To take advantage of its odor-eliminating properties, order an individual product or bundle online, or call us at 877-792-4624 if you have any questions.

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