Chlorine Dioxide House Odor Eliminator

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Homeowners across the U.S. rely on Bio-Shocker products from Biocide Systems for safe and effective house odor removal. It is non-toxic and safe for the environment. Rather than mask odors, it uses chlorine dioxide (ClO2) gas that is attracted to odor molecules and oxidizes them. This means electrons are pulled from the molecules and they are effectively neutralized. It can remove strong odors from small spaces (up to 400 square feet) without leaving behind any noxious fumes or messy residue.

How to Use Our House Smell Eliminator

To eliminate odors, open the container, shake it, and add water to release the vapors, which can penetrate any porous surface. Bio-Shocker can eliminate organic and inorganic odors. Smells caused by cigarette smoke, pet urine, litter box waste, vomit, spoiled food, cooking oils, fish, mold, and even skunk odor are neutralized. Bio-Shocker is also strong enough to neutralize gasoline, paint, and chemical smells too.

The product is fast-acting, but how quickly it eliminates odors depends on their severity. In some cases, it will do its job so your house smells fresh in as little as four hours. The product is also completely biodegradable, so therefore leaves behind no waste.

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Do you have pungent, stubborn odors in your house? Forget the baking soda and white vinegar. Bio-Shocker, available in vapor release container or spray bottle form, can eliminate odors quickly and permanently. Order your house odor eliminator today using our secure online shopping system. If you need help or have questions, call us at 877-792-4624.

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