RV Odor Eliminator

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RV odors can fill a small space while you travel or are camping out. From spoiled food to odors from the holding tank, these can make RV life miserable.

Biocide Systems has developed a line of odor-eliminating products that use chlorine dioxide, or ClO2, that is attracted to odor molecules like a magnet. By stripping these molecules of their electrons, ClO2 can neutralize them to remove unpleasant smells from your RV. Each quick release container of Bio-Shocker™, Room-Shocker™, Auto-Shocker™, etc. can produce enough vapor to cover 250 cubic feet of space in a vehicle.


How to Get Rid of Holding Tank Odor

Foul odors from the septic tank no longer have to be a problem. Our odor eliminator is simple to use. Open the container, shake, and add water; over the next several hours, the non-toxic, eco-friendly solution will remove unpleasant smells. No harmful chemicals, VOCs, or residue will be left behind.

RV-Shocker™ can get rid of any type of RV smell. It can eliminate musty odors and smells from cigarettes, pet urine, litter box waste, mold and mildew, gasoline, cooking, trash, and even skunk spray. The product works on hard and soft surfaces. It permeates seat cushions, floor mats, carpets, glove compartments, and other areas and also works as a disinfectant.

Whatever odors are in your RV, and no matter where they settle, our RV odor eliminator can do the job. Plus, it is safe for humans, pets, and plants as well as electronic equipment. After use, it quickly breaks down into a saltwater solution so nothing is left behind.


Order Your RV Odor Eliminator Today

RV-Shocker is available now with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. The product safely, effectively, and thoroughly eliminates all types of RV odors. Place your order now or call Biocide Systems at 877-792-4624 for more information on it and our other ClO2 odor eliminators formulated for vehicles, rooms, surfaces, and marine vessels, as well as our doggiClEEN™ Skunk Spray ClO2 Odor Eliminator.

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