Eliminating Odors in Restaurants and Bars

The same principle that results in every house having its own distinct smell is multiplied by a factor of 100 when it comes to restaurants, where food is cooked constantly on a daily basis. (Just think about how McDonald’s has a distinctly greasy smell that can be detected even from the outside.)

While the aromas produced by fresh food are enticing, those same aromas get less and less attractive the longer they stick around, and before too long the air is populated by old smells.

As for bars, they (unsurprisingly) get alcohol everywhere -- in the carpets, behind the bar on the rubber mats, and on the kitchen’s rubber mats. Bars also frequently get mildew in the carpet since so much liquid finds its way to the floor. All of these odorous situations threaten the health of customers and employees and the reputation of the business, as well.

Introducing the Room Shocker™ ClO2 Odor Eliminator and Liquid Shocker™ ClO2 Odor Eliminator*

For restaurants trying to clean up the food odors that linger in the air and hit guests square in the face when they walk in the door, Biocide Systems’ Room Shocker™ neutralizes any odor in its path. Due to it being a gas (specifically, chlorine dioxide) that is positively charged, the Room Shocker™ naturally seeks out any odors (which are negatively charged) and remove them instead of covering them up like liquid-based fresheners and masking agents.

For bars looking to manage the smell of alcohol and mildew, Biocide Systems’ Liquid Shocker™ is the answer. Each Liquid Shocker™ package generates up to twenty gallons of solution, and sports the same chlorine dioxide chemistry of its Room Shocker™ cousin, so as a positively charged substance it will seek out negatively charged odors due to the laws of chemistry and eliminate them.

The Biocide Systems Guarantee

In addition to the Room Shocker™ being non-toxic and eco-friendly (and made in the USA), we guarantee its success or your money back.

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