The Odors That Face Professional Dog Handlers and Owners of Kennels & Dog Runs

The odors involving pets and especially dogs at home are amplified in the offices of veterinarians, breeders, and trainers. All of the odors associated with pets can be eliminated in any setting with Biocide Systems.

Dogs offer us a lot: companionship, protection, and even performance for those in the show circuit. With dogs, however, come their various odors: urine on cement, the musty stench of doggy beds, and, most significantly, in more professional settings like kennels and dog runs and with breeders and trainers. All of these odorous scenarios, however, can be cured -- with the same product.

Introducing the Liquid Shocker™ ClO2 Odor Eliminator*

You may have tried cleaning sprays before, but these liquid-based sprays simply mask odors -- they do not remove them. The Liquid Shocker™ is different: thanks to its chlorine dioxide formula, it can remove odors instead of just masking them. Odors are negatively charged; chlorine dioxide is positively charged, which creates a smart bomb-like attraction.

For the owners of kennels and dog runs, as well as breeders and trainers that house dogs in non-domestic quarters, spray the Liquid Shocker™ nightly -- it will penetrate all porous materials. It is the same with removing the scent of dog urine from cement: spray the affected area; the Liquid Shocker™ will work itself into the cement.

How to use

The Biocide Systems Guarantee

In addition to the Room Shocker™ being non-toxic and eco-friendly (and made in the USA), we guarantee its success or your money back.

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