How to Eliminate Truck Odors in Both Big Rigs and Containers*

Big rigs are often a home on the road for truckers throughout most of the year. But it is hardly healthy to breathe the same air all day, every day especially when smells from various sources accumulate in such a living space.

Not only do truckers practically live in their big rigs full-time, they spend every waking and sleeping moment in the cabs of their trucks when driving a route. They may claim a house or apartment as their place of residence, but make no mistake: for truck drivers, home is the road. Those big rigs are like their own apartment -- a small one -- and frankly, it is hardly healthy to breathe the same air all day on an ongoing basis, especially when compounded with possible food, beverage, cigarette, and body odors that populate the air.

Introducing the Auto Shocker™ ClO2 Odor Eliminator*

Air fresheners and liquid-based masking agents, unfortunately, do not do anything more than sweep odors under the rug for a finite amount of time. The Auto Shocker™ is a gas (chlorine dioxide), one that’s positively charged with a natural attraction to odors, which are negatively charged. Simply set off an Auto Shocker™ inside a big rig (with all doors shut and windows closed, of course), let the laws of chemistry take over, and say goodbye to the odors that fester inside a truck driver’s workspace as he or she puts in long hours. In fact, due to the size of the living quarters, we recommended giving the cab a shock every month or two.

For the Containers, Meet the Liquid Shocker™ ClO2 Odor Eliminator*

A truck can carry pretty much anything. Unfortunately, that means every conceivable odor can end up in the container. The Liquid Shocker™ ClO2 Odor Eliminator can generate up to twenty gallons of chlorine dioxide per package; we recommend spraying down truck containers that have had items like fruit and livestock in there. And when it comes to storing the containers, always shock them with an Auto Shocker™ before putting them away.

The Biocide Systems Guarantee

In addition to the Room Shocker™ being non-toxic and eco-friendly (and made in the USA), we guarantee its success or your money back.

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