How to Remove Pet Odors from your Furniture

You love your pets, of course you do, but when you walk in to the house after a long day at work and smell that unmistakable odor of cat pee all you can think about is how to remove pet odors. It's too late to punish the cats or teach them a lesson about using the litter box, the best you can do at this point is find the soiled spot on the carpet and clean it the best you can.

There are a variety of theories about how to remove pet odors: soak up the pee with dry baking soda or carpet cleaning powder then vacuum; spray the area with carpet cleaner and rub until dry; spray the area with carpet cleaner, blot and let air dry. Are any of these methods effective for cat pee odor removal? They will each probably be effective to a limited degree, each will obviously remove the majority of the urine itself but will not result in complete cat pee odor removal.

To learn how to remove pet odors completely, you must first understand a little about urine odor and why it is so pervasive. The liquid urine itself can absorb into fabrics, wood, and other surfaces and is very difficult to remove completely; you are not likely to pull up the carpet and pad to remove a urine stain. Cat pee odor removal is especially tough because it is not just the liquid urine that is the problem; cat urine forms crystals as it dries that embed into any surface it is touching.

These crystals will not be picked up by a carpet cleaning solution and rag and in fact they may simply be pushed deeper into the carpet or couch during the cleaning process. The chemicals and perfumes in the cleaning product will typically mask any lingering odor but it will reemerge each time one of the crystals is disturbed. So, rather than figuring out how to remove pet odors, you have found a way to make them disappear and reappear.

If your cat has "sprayed" your furniture or curtains, rather than just urinated on it, your troubles have doubled. The odorous enzymes in cat pee are doubled in "sprayed" urine so the stench is stronger and even more difficult to remove. In combination with the crystals, cat pee odor removal is possibly the toughest odor to remove from furniture and carpet.

Is there a way to remove the urine, the crystals, and the odor for good? Chlorine dioxide has proved to be an effective cleaning solution and cat pee odor removal method. It is not generally touted as a method of how to remove pet odors, however, because it was difficult to package and handle on a noncommercial level.

Biocide Systems, Inc. has recently developed a system of chlorine dioxide delivery that is both safe and effective and can be used in homes to completely eliminate pet odors. The chlorine dioxide doesn't just mask the odors with perfumes or remove the surface stain but actually absorbs and eliminates the liquid urine and the resulting crystals. Cat pee odor removal is possible with the right tools, you just need to find them.

Find those tools and tips on how to remove pet odors at; the ClO2 liquid shocker T will remove the surface stain and odor. Follow up with the room Shocker treatment and the crystals, embedded odors, and even the "sprayed" urine odor will be completely eliminated.

Safely remove dog or cat odors from your home and car.