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So you're probably asking how safe is it? Well chlorine dioxide or ClO2 is so safe it's currently used in our water treatment facilities, meat packing plants, and it's even sprayed on fruits and vegetables at your local markets. Unlike many other products it does not release any carcinogen or Volta Organic Compounds ( VOC's) into our atmosphere and does not leave any harmful residue behind. It is also 100% biodegradable virtually laving no carbon footprint. While chlorine dioxide (ClO2) has chlorine in its name, chlorine dioxide's chemistry is different from that of chlorine. Unlike the more common chlorine, chlorine dioxide, at appropriate concentrations, is non-mutagenic, non-carcinogenic, and relatively non-irritating. When ClO2 is added to water, it dissolves without ionizing. Or more specifically, when exposed to water, ClO2 does not release a chlorine atom to form hydrochloric acid as does chlorine, nor does it combine with organics to form chlorinated hydrocarbons, which are carcinogenic.

One atom can make all the difference --- just as hydrogen is an explosive gas, but when combined with oxygen becomes dihydrogen oxide - commonly known as water (H2O).

So why hasn't it been made available before? Due to the fact That Chlorine Dioxide has a short shelf life, it was necessary to produce it on site, using very expensive equipment making it cost prohibitive. Most people have never even heard of chlorine dioxide. But that is all about to change with the development of this amazing ClO-2DMG technology.

Through this revolutionary new technology our products harness the power of chlorine dioxide and make it affordable. Everyone can now have access to the unparalleled, maximum strength odor eliminating benefit that chlorine dioxide has to offer.

Whether you're dealing with home, automotive or institutional odor problems our Bioshocker line of products has a specifically designed application for that environment.

No other odor eliminating product can even come close to competing with Bioshocker products and the super power of chlorine dioxide!

Our Bioshocker products are so safe and easy to use anyone can use it.


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