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Biocide Systems is proud to introduce their Bio-Shocker line of Chlorine Dioxide odor eliminating products.

These products exclusively use the revolutionary ClO2-DMG Technology that delivers the supper odor eliminating power of Chlorine Dioxide, also known as ClO2. No other odor eliminator can compete with the effectiveness, ease of use and cost that the Bio-Shocker products offer.

Whether you are dealing with cigarette, pet, vomit, urine, rotten food, fish or even skunk and any other odor type you can think of, these products will get rid of the foul odor permanently! Guaranteed or your money back! 

The difference lies in the fact that 1) ClO2 is a gas that can penetrate deeper and more effectively than other non gas products. 2) The ClO2 molecules are attracted to the negatively charged odor molecules like a magnet is to iron. So it literally seeks them out and destroys them like a smart bomb.

To top it all off, the Bio-Shocker product line is nontoxic, 100% biodegradable, dos not leave any carbon footprint and are 100% made in the USA!


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