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Get Rid Of Pet Odor, Cigarette Smoke Odor And Other Unpleasant Apartment Smells With The roomSHOCKER
Great New Apartment, Horrible Old Smell!!!!
So you're about to move into a new apartment. You've never been more excited and you know exactly where everything's going to go! You can picture it all perfectly in your head and you burst through the door, with your arms loaded with your valuables, and it hits you. That most horrible apartment smell, something the past resident didn't care to bring with them. And now you're stuck with an unpleasant smell - whether it's cigarette smoke, pet odors, cooking odors, or a yet undetected source.
No matter how excited you've been about moving into the apartment, you're not going to want to stay for very long if you're going to be forced to live with that odor. You can get rid of apartment odors, but you'll need to also find its source to make sure that you're not just masking an odor, but truly getting rid of it. There are many home remedies for removing odor from apartments. However, many of these home remedies do only mask the odor with another scent and while they're useful while you're trying to find the source of the apartment odor, you'll still need to find out what's causing the smell so you can truly eradicate it.
Removing cigarette smoke odor from apartments can be very easy by spraying an air freshener or using a scented candle or incense. While these odor destroyers will remove the odor from the apartment temporarily, you'll still need to find the source of the odor. Cigarette smoke odor can get everywhere, including the walls and especially the furniture. If you're moving in, replacing any furniture that's in the apartment with your own might be enough to do the trick and get rid of the odor in the apartment. However, the apartment may also need a fresh coat of paint if the odor is particularly heavy in a specific area.
To remove other odors from apartments, such as pet odors, you'll again need to not only get rid of the odor with an air freshener, but also find the source of the odor. One of the most common sources of pet odors in apartments is in the carpets, where pets are likely to make a mess or just leave their scent in their favorite corner. On top of the air freshener or other odor masker, you'll also need to thoroughly clean the carpets to completely get rid of the apartment odor.
If you're an apartment manager that's trying to get rid of apartment odors, it's much easier to find the source of apartment odors and get rid of them before a new resident, and all their stuff, moves in. And if you've just moved into a new apartment and find that you've been left an apartment odor, there's no need to close the door and run. Find the source of the odor, and then take the necessary steps to truly remove the odor from the apartment once and for all.
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