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Eliminates severe odors
permanently, not a masking agent

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Our revolutionary Auto SHOCKER Quick Release product is a single-use high-tech packet that delivers the most effective chemical deodorizer (Chlorine Dioxide) safely to neutralize and eliminate even the worst odors in your car. Car detailers love it, and we're seeing more and more rental companies use it as well. It is so simple to use and so effective you won't believe it!
"Thanks for offering such a great product! I saved $$ by being able to buy a great used suv with the only major "flaw" being smoke smell."


Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2) is a potent oxidizer that literally uses oxygen to break up odor molecules. This sort of oxidizing action is found in many chemicals, but ClO2 is one of the most effective. 

Now, thanks to a revolutionary new technology, you simply place the pouch in water (following the directions of course!) and it generates Chlorine Dioxide gas.

ClO2 gas is especially good at oxidizing organic odor-causing substances, including Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). It does not MASK them like other products do, it eliminates them through oxidation. Very effective.

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Auto SHOCKER Eliminates All Kinds of Car Odors

It eliminates all odors, including cigarette and cigar smoke odors, pet odor, vomit odor, sour milk odor, musty odors and more.

Cigarette Odors. That smoke odor that you smell in your car is from what scientists now call "Thirdhand Smoke", the tarry, smelly residue left behind after a smoker has been in the car. Our Auto SHOCKER attacks many of the organic molecules in Thirdhand Smoke (3HS), oxidizing them and eliminating the gasses and odors that they emit. Most of our competitors merely mask (with perfumes) or encapsulate (with waxes) the 3HS molecules, which means that they are still active and dangerous. Adding a perfume to the dangerous 3HS gasses doesn't make them less dangerous -- it just makes you less aware of the danger!

Old Car Smell. Humid climates, open windows during rainstorms, flooding and large spills can all create a climate in your car that incubates all types of musty or putrid organic odors. Our Auto SHOCKER attacks and eliminate these odors permanently.

Family and Pet Smells. Your family and your pets also add odors to your car. Spilled drinks, food, vomit, and other noxious compounds can lodge in your carpet and floorboards and make your car smell terrible. No other product can truly remove these and the wide range of other odors that Auto SHOCKER can.

Skunk Odor. There is no mistaking the smell of a skunk - PUTRID, RANCID, FOUL - the most powerful, lingering smell you will ever experience. Hopefully you never have that smell in your car. If you do, Auto SHOCKER again will save you.

You probably have a fire extinguisher in your house, why not add a skunk odor extinguisher as well? Be prepared for next time a Skunk strikes with our Skunk 911 Home Kit and Skunk 911 Rescue Kit.

Auto Shocker"I recently used an Auto SHOCKER and it worked fantastically to remove a horrible rotten milk smell. I figure your $30 product saved me $20,000 in not having to buy my wife a new car!
Here's What You'll Do:
STEP 1: PREPARE YOUR CAR This is very important. You should clean up your car, removing all dirt, debris and other trash. The less other stuff that is in your car, the more the ClO2 will attack the odors. Make sure that the gas can get to the odor -- set floor mats on their sides, put your visor at half-mast, open your console and glove compartment, etc.

You must use Auto Shocker in the shade or out of sunlight. ClO2 degrades VERY quickly (in seconds) in sunlight -- one reason why it is so environmentally friendly.

STEP 2: ACTIVATE THE PACKET Follow the directions on the packet and at all times keep people and pets away from exposure to the gas. It is safe when used as directed. It is not a poison, but it is an irritant.

STEP 3: VENTILATE YOUR CAR After using and disposing of the packet according to the direction, you'll need to ventilate your car. Open the windows and doors and let the car air out. There will be a slight chlorine odor that will fade quickly depending on how much sunlight and heat your car is exposed to.

Your car is now very odor free. We have customers that use Auto SHOCKER to rid their cars of "New Car Smell" -- remember Auto SHOCKER attacks Volatile Organic Compounds (new carpet and new plastic smells) as well.

Remember, we have a Money Back Guarantee. Our Products Work and We stand Behind Them!

"I tried all kinds of supposed sure things only to find my new used Audi still smelled like perfume over cigarettes. in searching for a solution.... i came upon your auto SHOCKER and used it yesterday. today my car is smell free and feels like i could eat off the seats! this is just too cool! i will be recommending your products to others for sure...thanks for your fast and friendly communications and thanks for a great product.
blessings* cheryl"
Getting clean and going green was never so easy nor smelled so fresh! Auto ShockerAuto Shocker Quick Release - Single Packet