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  • Skunk Smell is Only Funny in Cartoons

    It doesn’t matter if your dog is a house dog, an outdoor dog or a hunting dog, if your favorite pooch has an encounter with a skunk it is no laughing matter.  The skunk odor burns your eyes and will attach an odor to everything that your dog rubs against, including you.  You need a solution and you need the right solution now!  Your happiness and the happiness of your dog depend on it.

    You probably already know that Biocide Systems have the best choice to remove odors from your home or car.  You should also know that their doggiClean Skunk Spray is essential if your dog gets sprayed by a skunk.  Tomato juice is messy and does not completely remove all of the skunk odor.  DoggiClean Skunk Spray is safe for you and your pet and is guaranteed to remove skunk odor from your dog.

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