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  • It Doesn’t Matter How It Got In – Remove Skunk Smell From Your Home!

    Usually, when you think of something smelling badly of skunk, you think of your pet or an area outside of your home. But when a skunk sprays, the odor is extremely strong, and if it’s particularly strong outside of your home, the smell of skunk can quickly get inside your house too. And, if your pet gets sprayed by a skunk and then comes inside, they may leave that unpleasant odor inside long after they’ve left again.

    Skunk smell is different from other unpleasant smells in your home. That’s partly because it is so strong, and so difficult to live with. Skunk smell is also different because you don’t need to find the source of the smell to eliminate the skunk smell. It doesn’t really matter how it got in, once it’s there you need to remove that skunk smell from your house! There are a few things you can do to try and get it out, but you’ll probably need to turn to a professional solution to remove all of the skunk smell.

    Start by opening all of the windows that you can and getting as much fresh air as possible into the house. Turning on a few fans will help remove the skunk smell from the home and bring in even more air from outside. But because skunk smell is so strong, you’ll most likely also need to give your walls and furniture a thorough cleaning. Walls can be cleaned with a mixture of either water and bleach or water and vinegar; and furniture can be sprinkled with talcum powder, which can then be vacuumed up afterward. Fabric spray also works very well on furniture and will help to eliminate skunk smell.

    Even after you’ve gone to all the trouble of cleaning your furniture and washing your walls, you may find that the skunk smell is still hanging in the air. Or, you might just not want to go to all the time and trouble of thoroughly cleaning your entire house. In these cases, a product such as our Room Shocker Quick Release ( can quickly eliminate skunk odor from your home in as little as 24 hours. You won’t have to do anything more than place a packet in a cup of water and then leave the room for the product to do all the hard work for you!

    The best thing about using our Room Shocker Quick Release to eliminate skunk odor from your home is that it gets rid of the smell, and any toxic substances that may have also come into the home through the skunk’s spray. So you can be sure that you’re not only breathing better smelling air, but healthier air too!

  • How to Eliminate All Bad Car Smells

    Have you ever accidently left the windows down in your car before a rainstorm?  If you notice that your car is starting to smell musty, it’s a good idea to get rid of the odor fast.  There are many sources of strong and unpleasant odors in the car, including smoking.  If you’ve got that unmistakable mildew smell in a car, there is an easy and quick solution to your odor problem. Biocide Systems makes a number of products that are effective at eliminating the bad smells in your car.  Bio-Shock™ your car and you’ll find that your odor problems are gone in just a few short hours.

    You can use the Auto Shocker™ from Biocide Systems to get rid of all sorts of bad car smells. You can use it for removing the smoke smell from a car, the odor left behind by pets, or any other pervasive or bad smell that you don’t want to deal with on a regular basis.  There’s no odor that Biocide Systems products can’t deal with.  Permanently eliminate the odors in your life with the Room and Auto Shocker™.  Whether you ran over a skunk or have mildew growing in your car, the smells that they produce can be easily eliminated with these safe and effective products.

    Biocide Systems develops and sells the best in odor eliminating products for the home and car.  There’s no bad smell that can stand up to the power of odor eliminating products from Biocide Systems.  Car odor removal is easy with Auto Shocker™.  All you have to do is set it the car and a few hours later, the odors have been eliminated, leaving your car smelling better than ever.  If you have any questions or would like to learn more about these wonderful products, give us a call at 877-792-4624 today!  Our friendly sales representatives are standing by to take your calls.

  • Easy Tips to Remove Pesky Car Odor

    Spilled coffee is the last thing on your mind when you find yourself rushing out the door in the mornings with your travel mug. After all, you have a gazillion other things to worry about! Once spilled, however, coffee can turn into a horrible odor that stinks up your trusty ol’ vehicle rather quickly.

    Other smells that could linger in your car may originate from your sick child throwing up as you rush them to a doctor’s appointment, or the smell of cigarette smoke that remains persevering in your vehicle.

    This article is all about helping you eliminate such odors and gaining that new car smell again. The first step to do so is to isolate the odors. There are two types of smells that your vehicle may be harboring – ones that come from the obvious sources and the ones that do not!

    Often, we do not think much about the odors and simply use an air freshener to manage the stench. Unfortunately, experts say that these products often only mask the smell, instead of neutralizing the odor and removing it!

    Here are a few simple methods that may work for you:

    Vacuum The Smell Away

    The most likely cause of an odorous car is that these smells are trapped in the fabric of the interior. Vacuuming by using the special upholstery attachment can work in such cases. Try to reach every nook and cranny while you vacuum, as the smells can potentially be hiding in the smallest of crevices! Not satisfied? Try steam cleaning as another option to concur and defeat the odor!

    Baking Soda May Help

    Another way to remove lingering smells is by using baking soda. If you accidentally spill your coffee on the carpet, a touch of baking soda will take care of it. Once you are done sprinkling, rub the powder in the affected area and then allow it to sit for a few hours.

    This treatment will allow the concentrate to absorb all free smells. Next, clean the baking soda from the carpet with your vacuum. Keep in mind that leaving the powder on a wet mess will only allow it to crystallize instead of removing the odors.

    Try Charcoal

    Charcoal is one of the best substances that you can probably find that will absorb smells. In order to make this work for you, grab some charcoal and allow the pieces to sit in the vehicle for a few days.

    Soon, it will have absorbed the odors, leaving your car smell-free, and don’t worry, those pieces of charcoal are also still safe to use afterwards for grilling!

    While these remedies may work or not, we have one that is guaranteed to work.

    Bio-Shock The Odors Out Of Your Car

    In fact, this one makes removing odors from your automobiles as easy as never before! Auto-shocker is twice as effective, no matter which kind of odor needs removal.

    Cigarette smoke is one of the toughest smells to eliminate, and if a member of your family smokes, then you need this remedy more than ever.

    The smoke released on a daily basis enters the porous materials in your car. Over time, it becomes a permanent resident, damaging not only the car but also your very health!

    For more information on why Auto-shocker is so effective, visit our blog. To order yours today, visit our website.


  • Deodorizing A Room In Your Home

    Experiencing odd smells in your room but unable to pinpoint the source of it? Your own nose may have grown immune to the stench over time, however, your friends and guests can smell it just fine. And they may not hold back from expressing their disgust and displeasure every time, much to your chagrin.

    Wondering how you can get rid of such smells and save yourself from any humiliation in the future? Air fresheners will do the trick for a while, but to keep your room fresh and clean, you will need a special product. Don't worry, we found it and it is "Made in the USA"!

    Room Shocker, the world’s first portable ClO2 delivery system, is one of the strongest and safest odor eliminating tools known to mankind.

    Chlorine dioxide or ClO2, has been around for over 70 years; it is effectively used to remove severe toxic odors. However, up until recently, it was only used in large industrial applications as a gas or liquid solution.

    But now, thanks to Biocide Systems and their ingenious partners at CLOO Labs, anyone can buy this magical odor removing formula in a jar. Using this patented ClO2-DMg technology, you have the power to remove stinky smell right from its source.

    Basically, odor particles are attracted and removed by the chlorine dioxide gas as it seeps throughout the affected area. They then disintegrate upon contact, resulting in an odor free, clean and refreshed environment.

    A few hours later, when you come back to the treated space, you'll be amazed and relieved to find nothing but crisp, fresh and clean air. Say “Goodbye” to pet odors, smoke or mildew smells!

    BioShock product line has products to satisfy a nit-picky customer. Whether you are looking to treat a small area or a whole house, try their Home Cleanup Bundle to maximize the effect throughout the property, or opt for their quick release Room Shocker™ ClO2 Odor Eliminator.

    Have pets? Go for doggiClEEN™ Skunk Spray ClO2 Odor Eliminator.

    Moreover, this product is completely eco-friendly and non-toxic. All the components for the ClO2-DMG technology are made of biodegradable materials. The chlorine dioxide component releases no carcinogens or volatile organic compounds into the atmosphere. This means it is 100% safe to use around pets and kids.

    The main ingredients literally break down into a salt and water solution, leaving no carbon footprint whatsoever. This product is made in the USA and offers a 100% money back guarantee. Amazing!


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  • Auto Shocker Removes Odor from Your Car or Your Money Back

    Undoubtedly, having a car is a necessity.

    We spend hours commuting for business and pleasure. And, of course, it is more enjoyable to ride in a clean, fresh new car smell. But keeping the interior of your car odorless is not an easy task. Due to all the porous leather, polyurethane or PVC materials used in the seats and dashboards, it is more likely the surfaces will retain bad odors. 

    When new, there’s that distinct new car smell we all love. After a while the scent fades away freeing the space to all kinds of stinky stenches. Have a smoke, and your car will smell like tobacco for days. If one of your kids gets sick in the backseat, or a pet decides to get too comfy on the warm seat on a winter day, be prepared to spend weeks trying to get rid of the vomit and pee stink.

    Car fragrances and deodorizers only seem to worsen the situation. Certainly, no one will ever want to ask you for a ride again.

    So what can you do to get rid of these repelling odors once and for all?

    Biocide Systems came up with the ultimate solution to this problem. The AutoShocker from Biocide Systems is guaranteed to eliminate any and all odors.

    You may be thinking, what’s the secret?

    The magic ingredient ClO2, or Chlorine Dioxide, is a chemical that is well known for its deodorizing properties.

    The formula has been around for over 70 years. Limited to commercial application only, it has been effectively removing severe and toxic odors, and disinfecting water. 

    Another feature, that sets this amazing odor removal product apart from other deodorizers, is that it is completely safe. Nor does it pose any threat to the environment by releasing carcinogenic substances into the air. It is a biodegradable, eco-friendly formula that evaporates within hours, leaving behind only salt and water.

    It is also easy to use. Simply mix it with the amount of water specified on the jar, then place the jar inside the car. Make sure it is placed as close to the source of the offending smells as possible.

    The product will efficiently penetrate deep into the pores and crevices, allowing ClO2 break up the bad smelling molecules and  neutralize them. The more severe the odors, the more time it will take, but rest assured, at the end of the day, your car will be smelling as good as new.

    AutoShocker is a product that can help you save your time and money while keeping your car’s interior always fresh and odorless. Go ahead and use it without thinking twice. 




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  • RoomShocker Eliminates Smell From Rooms

    Imagine, your friend you haven’t seen in years invites you over to their place for dinner, and as you step foot in your beloved friends home, you notice an inescapable odor emanating from all over their house you just can’t brush off. Not only can you not escape this smell, you wouldn’t want to be rude by mentioning it to them either, so you patiently endure it until you leave. Now, assume this was your house. You wouldn’t want to leave a lasting bad odor impression on your guests, now would you?

    You surely don’t want the same happening to you. So, let’s see how you can deodorize your room. First, know that deodorizing your room is equally important as deodorizing your body, because if you don’t freshen up your house, your nose progressively gets immune to the odor after some time, and then eventually stops bothering you.  When guests come over, they will immediately spot that smell the moment they enter your room, and if they don’t pretend and pinch their nose with their fingers, this is definitely going to leave you sinking in a pit of disgrace. It’s better to eliminate these odors before they cause you any embarrassment.

    There are numerous sources in your house that can readily add to these bad odors. You’ve probably attempted getting rid of cooking smells, your dirty sock odors, and even your pet’s urine odor but to no avail. The reason for this is that you never actually get rid of the source. The key to an everlasting solution of this problem is to eliminate these smells by removing them from their origins. Yet, how this is possible is the big question that clouds your mind. You most likely want a solution with non-hazardous chemicals in it so that your environment and furniture does not get damaged or affected. Room Shocker of Biocide Systems is one such products which will help you.*

    How to Deodorize Your Room Using Room Shocker?

    Room Shocker is a product of Biocide Systems and is a highly cost effective solution with no complexity involved in its use. This product is non-hazardous to its environment, and is simple to use. You can use it by mixing the product with water, then shake it thoroughly. Leave the room after you’ve combined the mixture for two hours. The ClO2 (chlorine dioxide) present in the solution will penetrate deeply into every corner of your room, ensuring that all traces of the foul smell is eliminated. The particles are broken down with the help of oxygen. This solution then evaporates after a couple of hours.

    The results of Room Shocker will actually shock you with its efficient and fast response. There would be no spot left emitting unpleasant odors after the application of Room Shocker. Be it your pet’s waste or rotten food odor, the solution remove all foul smells.

    If you need Room Shocker for your room, Dial 877-790-5460 or Contact Biocide Systems at  


    Biocide room shocker
  • Easy Tips to Remove Bad Odor from Shoes

    Entering your home, have you ever been through the experience of your nostrils flaring from the smell of garbage bins in your yard or from the odor of your pet’s urine?

    Or when you begin to take off your socks, someone close by notices the unbearable smell coming from your socks and shoes.

    Such scenarios are quite common and a bit embarrassing in any home.

    Such circumstances can be a little humiliating if you have a gathering at your home. You definitely wouldn’t want your guests complaining about unpleasant odors.

    To help with such inconveniences, here are some simple, yet important tips to remove these foul odors from your house. 

    Removing Odors from Food Containers

    You often forget to finish the contents of a food container, and when the expiration date has long passed, and it starts emitting an unfriendly odor, only then do you realize there is a stale food container hidden within that very cabinet.

    To freshen up your food container, try doing the following:

    • First, clean the container thoroughly.
    • Next, place a crumbled newspaper into the box, then sprinkle baking soda on it.
    • Close the lid tightly and leave the box overnight. Newspaper and baking soda will remove all traces of bad odor from your c     container.
    • Another way of getting rid of unpleasant odors from food containers is by using a loaf of bread. Moist a half loaf of bread with vinegar and place it in the container. Leave the container overnight. Then, the bread along with the vinegar will remove the stale food odor from your food box. After removing the bread on the following day, clean the box thoroughly with soap and warm water.
    • Allow it to dry naturally.
    • Here’s another pre-cleaning tip: If you don’t want the food container to absorb the food molecules, wet the kitchen towel with the help of olive oil and dampen the interior surfaces of the box with it. The olive oil will act as a protection for box surfaces.

    Removing Bad Odors from Shoes

    Shoe odors can get progressively worse if you don’t clean them carefully and regularly. Follow the given tips and preserve your footwear for longevity.

    • Clean your shoes with soap and water, and scrub them thoroughly.
    • Next, use a hair dryer to eliminate moisture. Brush them gently to avoid any damages.
    • Apply a tablespoon of baking soda and allow it to sit overnight. The smell will be gone in the morning.  
    • You may then spray perfume on your shoes to mask the unpleasant odor, however using proper shoe spray will actually remove the smell.
    • Another way to remove these unpleasant odors  is by soaking your shoes for an hour in the mixture of water and vinegar. Make sure they are properly submerged because only then this tip will work. Remove the shoes after an hour and allow them to dry. Apply paper towels or newspaper inside the shoes to support in retaining their shape while drying.

    In case you feel these tips are ineffective in your efforts so far in eliminating these stubborn odors, don’t forget to try Auto Shocker. The results of this magical product from Biocide Systems will surprise you. 


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  • How to Deodorize your car using Auto Shocker

    Auto Shocker is the pioneer ClO2 odor eliminator when it comes to automobiles and is the solution to all of your car’s odor problems. We say this because this product has been especially designed for automobiles.

    You’ve probably been through an embarrassing situation where picking up a friend in your vehicle, they may come across an overwhelming smell lingering in your car. If you own a pet that frequently travels with you, then being in such situations is inevitable.

    Cigarette smoke is another problematic culprit that can easily plague your car, which can wind up smelling like an ashtray. Sometimes, you get accustomed to the odor of smoke since it has lodged itself in the upholstery of your car.

    However, it’s not difficult for someone else to recognize the lingering odor as soon as they enter your car.

    This is why we suggest using Auto Shocker. This product is the only effective solution out there for one simple reason – this product has not been designed to mask odors that become part of cars in mind.

    Instead, Auto Shocker is designed to shock those pesky odors and remove them. It’s so easy to use and highly effective in eliminating even the most stubborn odors from your vehicle.

    ClO2-DMG Technology

    Auto Shocker uses the Chlorine Dioxide Disposable Micro Generator to deliver the Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2). One of the strongest, safest odor eliminators that works, ClO2 has been in use for more than 70 years now. Industrial facilities, as well as RO plants have been using this compound on a large scale to deal with odors. However, due to its cost, it was not up for grabs when it came to automobiles, but now it is finally affordable for you!

    Here are some other reasons why you should consider Auto Shocker:

    • There is no way that it will not work because it uses the revolutionary ClO2-DMG Technology.
    • It comes with a money back guarantee!
    • Easy and safe to use, which is why it does not require special handling or any safety equipment that comes with hazardous material.
    • It is not labor intensive and you can easily apply it yourself.
    • Auto Shocker is completely carcinogen-free, unlike the Ozone machines that also release VOC into the atmosphere. It is so safe because it breaks down to saline after usage.
    • It is made in the USA and is entirely bio-degradable, making this eco-friendly product safe for you, as well as the environment.
    • Its fast acting formula means that it will remove odors in a very short time. You can expect your odorous car to be transformed in as little as 4 hours. Even the most stubborn smells may take up to 12 hours depending on the severity.*
    • Auto Shocker can be used on all sorts of automotives, regardless of their brands.
    • It will not break the bank because it is completely cost effective.

    How to use it

    Shake the container, add water, and let the magic begin!

    For more information on the bun One of the best substances that you can find that will absorb smells is dles that Auto-shocker is available in, visit our website.


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  • Removing Cat Pee Odor the Right Way!

    If you have a cat, you probably identify how feline pee odor can ruin your surroundings. This odor is quite stubborn and will definitely make an unpleasant lasting impression on your guest’s nostrils . If you’ve been ignoring this odor for too long, for the love of your cat and loved ones, it may be time to do something about it.

    There is no denying the fact that  cat urine is a stubborn odor which requires immediate treatment for rapid results. If you delay the task, chances are you will only be able to temporarily remove the smell. As soon as any form of moisture comes in contact with that area, the odor will re-occur again.

    Treating it quickly will also help prevent this excessive peeing activity in cats as they are used to urinating wherever they smell this particular scent.

    So, here’re some home remedies to get rid of the odor of cat urine:

    • If the cat has just urinated on the rug or carpet, absorb the stain with the help of paper towels, as much as you can.
    • Next, place multiple layers of paper towels over that area. Apply pressure to the area  to fully absorb the wetness. Keep repeating this, until there is no sign of wetness and just the stain is left remaining.
    • Then, use a dry vacuum extractor to remove the remaining cat urine.
    • If you want to detect the remaining traces of urine from other areas of your house, use a UV or black light and the stains will illuminate under it. If you’re without a black light, you can always use your nose to find the source of the odor (we know this sounds totally disgusting).
    • After, prepare a mixture of vinegar and water, both 50% in quantity. Spray the mixture to dampen the problematic source. Make sure that the mixture is sufficient enough to deeply penetrate the fibers of your carpet.
    • Once the carpet has dried, use paper towels to blot it thoroughly. You may again use the vacuum extractor to remove excess moisture.
    • Now, apply a handful of baking soda on the affected spot.
    • Mix a quarter cup of 3% hydrogen peroxide along with a teaspoon of liquid detergent and pour this solution on baking soda. You may also use a spray bottle for drizzling.
    • After you’ve rubbed the solution into the carpet, let it dry. As soon as it dries, use vacuum to extract the baking soda. The odor and urine will be absorbed by the baking soda and will be extracted out by your vacuum.
    • You may also use a hard brush to loosen up the excess particles of baking soda.

    The urine smell will soon be gone. However, this is applicable only if the urine is fresh. Make sure to not use caustic soda which is used in a dishwashing powder.

    If you notice that this remedy does not work, then it means the odor has become stubborn and you will need a strong method to eliminate it. In such circumstances, you may use Room Shocker of Biocide Systems.

    If you wish to find out more about Auto Shocker, visit their website today.

  • How to Have Fish Without Smelling Like Them

    With fish being such a healthy addition to our diets, people everywhere are bringing it into the home and onto the dinner table. Of course, the tastiest and most healthy choice is fresh fish. Unfortunately, with fresh fish comes a not so fresh smell. Anyone who has had to deal with this knows that fish odor in the house is not an easy thing to conquer.

    After trying air fresheners and just about anything else that seems like it may work, your house just smells like a very clean fish market. That is because air fresheners only mask a smell and will not get rid of it completely. It will simply cover it up for a short period of time.

    Biocide Systems has an answer that will allow you to have fresh fish whenever you want and keep your home smelling great. The solutions from Biocide remove the odor rather than just covering it up for a small amount of time.

    Our Room Shocker will eliminate cooking odors, pet odors, urine odors, and any other odors that are plaguing your home. With Biocide Solutions, you won’t have to spend a lot of money every other week buying new air fresheners and carpet fresheners. With the use of Chlorine Dioxide, the odor is broken down so there is nothing left to cover up.

    Whether you buy your fish or enjoy catching them, cleaning them, and cooking them yourself, Biocide Systems has odor eliminators to meet all of your needs. We can even help you with figuring out how to get rid of fish odor from a boat or truckWith our Auto Shocker, you can eliminate even the most offensive smells such as fish odors, skunk spray odors, and even smoke odors.

    Before you decide to give up fish all together, contact us today and eliminate your odor problems for good!

  • How to Remove Cat Pee Odor

    Despite all his or her attitude, you love your cat. They are precious bundles of joy. Right there to give you love and accommodate you. So you can’t but help overlook their mistakes and make cover-up stories for the ‘accidents’ your cat caused. But there is one thing that is decidedly not excusable: your cat relieving itself in your bed, on the carpet spread across the living room, or even on your work clothes!

    Your cat piss whiff is going to be greeting your guests when they enter your house. I know, you can’t bear it yourself and it’s dreadful. And the only fear you have in mind as you prepare to clean it up is what if the stain and the smell never go away. Now that would be a problem.

    Follow these tips on removing cat pee odor from your home and the reasons behind it.

    1.       Cats are known to be fussy creatures as well as being “fuzzy”, adorable pets. Try to keep their litter box as clean as possible so they wouldn’t have second thoughts about doing their business elsewhere.
    2.       For when your cat or kitten pisses on the carpet, make sure to blot up as much of the cat pee with paper towels or old rags; treat the spot to a water and vinegar mixture and let it dry. Then sprinkle baking soda over it. After having tested the hydrogen peroxide on an inconspicuous area of the carpet, sprinkle the solution along with dish detergent and work it in with a good old brush. Let this dry too and vacuum it. 

    If, for some reason, you can still smell the cat piss, lather and rinse it before repeating. You may want to consider renting a wet vac or extractor to get rid of the heavy stains set in your carpeting; avoid the steam cleaners for upholstery or carpet cleaning though because it will permanently bond the stain to the fibers.

    1.       For the machine-washable laundry, including your bedding, clothing, rugs, add apple cider vinegar or baking soda to your usual detergent and then air dry it. Again, if the cat urine’s smell is still detected, then wash them again, this time adding an enzymatic cleaner to the mix.
    2.       If the wood of your baseboard, furniture, or walls has reacted to the urine acid and feature discoloration, you would need to remove and replace its layers of paint or varnish. There are washable wallpapers and washable enamel paint that are considered safe for pets.
    3.       But if you are looking for a green and easy to use product, which additionally is effective at removing the strong cat pee odor from your home and car, Bio Shocker can help. Not much is required on your part in terms of time and effort; it is even safe so people who get affected with the chemical stuff can benefit from it.

    Cleaning of the cat’s mess is stressed too for the reason that if they can smell their own urine at the particular spot, they will continue to come and use it again repeatedly. Given that, the economic Room Shocker is the ideal solution because they eliminate the odor forever using CI02 odor eliminator technology. 

    If home remedies are not your thing, contact 877-792-4624 and get to know more about this revolutionary technology. With Biocide products, it’s a guarantee you won’t always be worrying about accidents in future.

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  • How to Remove Car Odor

    Remember the first time you sat in your ‘brand’ new car? Not just the feel but also that fabulous new car smell; wasn’t it “heavenly”? Go sit in your car right now. What do you smell? Does your car still have that new car smell? What has happened to it now? Sick child, spilled coffee, snacks, sweaty dog, and cigarette smoke is what happened.

    If you are looking for a truly effective solution at eliminating your stinky car odor completely, Biocide’s Auto Shocker is the solution that is easy for you to use, effectively works at removing odors and comes with a money back guarantee.

    The Different Types of Chemicals

    Specific situations likewise call for specific chemicals to address them. Apart from products that will cover it up, there are some that will eliminate it.

    •         Encapsulant – to surround the source  and stop it from further spread of the odor
    •         Odor masks – to release a more pleasant smell to cover the unpleasant one
    •         Neutralizers – to influence the chemical reactions that is causing the odors
    •         Oxidizers – to facilitate the progress of the compound’s oxidation and render it unable to create more odor
    •         Bio-enzymes – to work at food spills, bodily waste, and any other kind of organic residue, which becomes a source of bad car odor on its own
    •         Absorbents – to attract and trap the odor molecules
    •         Disinfectants – to kill organic action such as the spread of mildew or mold in order to stop the generation of odors

    How is Auto Shocker different?

    Guaranteed as a safe, eco-friendly, and easy-to use product, it uses the ClO2 odor eliminating technology to remove a variety of car odors, most of which are too stubborn to be dealt with using typical do it yourself (DIY) odor removal remedies. Auto Shocker is an effective and efficient odor remover that works without leaving behind any of the harsh odors that chemical compounds do.

    Tips to Remove Car Odor

    The first thing you can do is to prevent the causes in the first place, see that it doesn’t happen. Habits like keeping a trash bag, regular cleaning (e.g. ashtray and under the seats), spraying a stain repellent, avoid eating and smoking are some ways to keep it fresh.

    But if you do, you can try these tricks.

    •         Wipe the interior properly. For the plastic, glass, wood, and metal parts, use a soft cloth with or without a mild detergent for all except metal. For the leather, a good leather cleaner will suffice.
    •         Vacuum both the car seats, cushions, and floor carpet besides other cracks and corners. Don’t forget to vacuum the trunk too. If you think it necessary, deodorizing prior to vacuuming is a good idea. Baking soda, charcoal, and natural scents like vanilla, citrus oils, and ground coffee are some of the best substances that work well to absorb those lingering smells.
    •         Steam cleaning and ozone generator are recommended odor removal treatments. Given their technicalities, they are best left for professionals. Plus, with respect to the ozone generator, there are high chances that people suffering from respiratory diseases will be susceptible to infections and other issues. 

    Don’t wait for the smell to become unbearable, use Auto Shocker. The next time you smell something foul smell coming from your car, the odor removal tips above can help solve the problem. On a side note, you may need to wear protective gear when working with chemicals as opposed to Auto Shocker.  Auto Shocker is eco friendly and safe with no harsh chemical smells. If you have any trouble with the directions for the latter, feel free to contact 877-792-4624.

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