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  • Deodorize Your Car Using Auto Shocker

    Most individuals, in their efforts to ensure their car doesn’t come off as anything less than nice and clean, try to ‘remove’ the pungent smells and odors from their car with fragrances and perfumes for a quick fix. Thing is, it never works. Ever.

    These smells and odors are able to penetrate all types of fabrics and will stubbornly cling to everything unless you are more thorough in your odor removal approach.

    Our product the Auto Shocker, has been highly rated for its efficiency in the removal of odors from vehicles of all sizes.

    From simple usage and effective results to it being non-toxic, Auto Shocker is an environmental-friendly odor eliminator and it is why many professional car detailers love it and use it religiously. Here’s why you should too.

    Auto Care 101: Identifying the Type(s) of Odor in Your Car

    Did you just smoke a cigarette in your car? Is the car still reeking of your child’s vomit from last week? As you are likely to know already, most smells, particularly that of cigarette smoke, is not easy to remove from your car even as you shampoo the upholstery and carpets.

    But the fortunate part is that the majority of these smells—vomit, food, cigarette smoke, urine, mildew, grass, skunk—are some examples of the common ones – are organic. A suitable cleaner coupled with the right technique can do the job for you i.e. keeping the material from further decomposing. It would act in a similar fashion against the offensive and unhealthy smells budding from its air conditioning system.

    Auto Care 101: Using Biocide Auto Shocker to Deal with Strong Odors

    Drive a truck, a car, or an SUV? The make/model of your car doesn’t matter when you are using an innovative product such as Auto Shocker, which uses Chlorine Dioxide, or ClO2, as its powerful chemical deodorizer and odor elimantor.

    What You Need to Do

    Instead of simply going ahead with deodorizing, the first thing you need to do is prepare the car for the process. This includes removing the dirt and trash stuff from your car, essentially cleaning up. The cleaner the car is, the more effective the attack is going to be. Also, keep the areas accessible for penetration like opening the glove compartment and placing the floor mats on their sides. And last but not the least, keep the car in the shade because sunlight hastens the Cl02 degradation.

    The directions basically instruct you to submerge the product in a particular cup of water and place it in the vehicle before closing the door. You don’t have to be present while it works; you can dispose of the packet and air your car once the due time is complete for an impressively fresh-smelling car. The time varies according to the severity of the odor.

    How it Works

    ClO2 is an oxidizer, meaning that it will break up or neutralize the odor molecules residing in your car with the help of oxygen. Constituting of charged molecules, it is literally attracted to the foul smells. What makes it different from other chemicals is that it will degrade quickly to water and simple salts.

    Biocide Systems can help you if you want this ideal solution to car odors. Contact them at 877-792-4624.

  • Must Have Odor Removal Products for Fire Remediators

    It doesn’t take long in the fire remediation business to realize that one of your toughest tasks is an unseen enemy: removing smoke smell. Chances are, you’ve tried every bad odor remover on the market. After all, home improvement stores and even grocery stores have aisle after aisle of odor removal products. The problem with using them for fire remediation odors is that most of them only offer a temporary fix to a much longer lasting problem.

    Fire remediators have a number of odors to deal with when salvaging or restoring a home. The first, and most obvious, is the smoke smell. Most odor removal products simply can’t touch it. Biocide Systems’ Room Shocker and Liquid Shocker can. Next is the musty smell that comes from the home being drenched in an effort to put the fire out. While neither Room Shocker not Liquid Shocker is designed to fight mold or mildew, they can and do eliminate the odors caused by these and other substances.

    The reason Biocide Systems’ products are so effective when other odor removal products are not is really fairly simple: Biocide Systems’ bad odor removal products are designed to find the source of odors (usually an organic source of one sort or another) and eliminate the odors. The end result is a completely odor free home. No more smoke smell. No more musty odors. As a matter of fact, chances are the home will smell fresher than it did before the fire. Odor causing molecules will be neutralized, leaving only a clean, odor free area.

    Best of all, Room Shocker and Liquid Shocker are easy to use. You’ll notice the difference in the smell after only one application. Bundle packages are available to fire remediators, contractors, and others who anticipate needing to keep bottles of Room Shocker on hand.

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