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  • Deodorize Your Car Using Auto Shocker

    Most individuals, in their efforts to ensure their car doesn’t come off as anything less than nice and clean, try to ‘remove’ the pungent smells and odors from their car with fragrances and perfumes for a quick fix. Thing is, it never works. Ever.

    These smells and odors are able to penetrate all types of fabrics and will stubbornly cling to everything unless you are more thorough in your odor removal approach.

    Our product the Auto Shocker, has been highly rated for its efficiency in the removal of odors from vehicles of all sizes.

    From simple usage and effective results to it being non-toxic, Auto Shocker is an environmental-friendly odor eliminator and it is why many professional car detailers love it and use it religiously. Here’s why you should too.

    Auto Care 101: Identifying the Type(s) of Odor in Your Car

    Did you just smoke a cigarette in your car? Is the car still reeking of your child’s vomit from last week? As you are likely to know already, most smells, particularly that of cigarette smoke, is not easy to remove from your car even as you shampoo the upholstery and carpets.

    But the fortunate part is that the majority of these smells—vomit, food, cigarette smoke, urine, mildew, grass, skunk—are some examples of the common ones – are organic. A suitable cleaner coupled with the right technique can do the job for you i.e. keeping the material from further decomposing. It would act in a similar fashion against the offensive and unhealthy smells budding from its air conditioning system.

    Auto Care 101: Using Biocide Auto Shocker to Deal with Strong Odors

    Drive a truck, a car, or an SUV? The make/model of your car doesn’t matter when you are using an innovative product such as Auto Shocker, which uses Chlorine Dioxide, or ClO2, as its powerful chemical deodorizer and odor elimantor.

    What You Need to Do

    Instead of simply going ahead with deodorizing, the first thing you need to do is prepare the car for the process. This includes removing the dirt and trash stuff from your car, essentially cleaning up. The cleaner the car is, the more effective the attack is going to be. Also, keep the areas accessible for penetration like opening the glove compartment and placing the floor mats on their sides. And last but not the least, keep the car in the shade because sunlight hastens the Cl02 degradation.

    The directions basically instruct you to submerge the product in a particular cup of water and place it in the vehicle before closing the door. You don’t have to be present while it works; you can dispose of the packet and air your car once the due time is complete for an impressively fresh-smelling car. The time varies according to the severity of the odor.

    How it Works

    ClO2 is an oxidizer, meaning that it will break up or neutralize the odor molecules residing in your car with the help of oxygen. Constituting of charged molecules, it is literally attracted to the foul smells. What makes it different from other chemicals is that it will degrade quickly to water and simple salts.

    Biocide Systems can help you if you want this ideal solution to car odors. Contact them at 877-792-4624.

  • Car Smells like You’ve been Living in It? Bio-Shock It!

    Are you one of those people who practically live in your car? Many of us eat most of our meals there (Taco Bell drive-thru, anyone?), do our banking there, and spend half of our waking hours commuting or driving from client to client. Many of us have even been known to sleep in our cars from time to time.

    All of this can lead to a really interesting musty smell in the car before long. If you have pets that ride in the car with you, it can be even worse. So, how do you make your car smell like new when you practically live in it? You Bio-Shock it.

    Biocide Systems’ revolutionary line of odor removal products are perfect for dealing with musty smell in car, musty smells in homes, and more. They are also the perfect pet odor eliminator. Auto Shocker, Room Shocker, and Liquid Shocker all eliminate odors quickly and completely, leaving your car or home completely odor neutral.

    No odor is too tough for Auto Shocker. It’s a fantastic pet odor eliminator. It also eliminates body odor from car upholstery, cigarette smoke smell, skunk spray smell, and all other organic odors.

    Spend as much time as you need to in your car. To get rid of the odor, use Auto Shocker Quick Release. Once you’ve eliminated the odor, we have a number of other products to help you keep the odor at bay.

    Don’t live with musty smell in car any more. Bio-Shock your car today. We’re sure that once you do, you’ll also want to use Room Shocker for your home and Liquid Shocker for any outdoor areas (kennels, dog runs, surfaces sprayed by a skunk, etc.) that present odor problems.

    Try it today and smell the Biocide difference. We don’t cover odors up. We eliminate them completely and permanently.

  • Nobody Want to Buy a Car that Reeks: Bio-Shock Your Stock

    In the used car business, we’re all trying to get one up on the competition. We want to show you how a revolutionary odor removal product can help you do just that on both ends of your car deals. We can show you how to remove car odors and increase the value of your used car stock. Knowing ahead of time that you can remove smoke odor from car (or any other odor) can also give you more leverage when considering a trade in.

    Most smokers know they’ll have to take less money for their trade ins if they smoke in their cars. It’s just part of the way things are. That doesn’t mean they’re happy about it or consider it fair (whether or not it actually IS fair isn’t the issue). Do you want to increase customer loyalty and tap into a huge market? Start giving smokers as much for their trade ins as you do others. Of course, to do that, you need to be able to sell their trade ins for as much as you do similar cars that weren’t smoked in. We can show you how to do that.

    It isn’t difficult if you know how to remove car odors. The first thing you need to do is get the right tools in your detailers’ hands. Stop spraying new car fragrances (most buyers see through that) to cover up odors. Bio-Shock your entire stock of used cars-especially those that have been smoked in-with Biocide Systems’ Auto Shocker Quick Release. One application is all it takes, and all odor (not just cigarette odor) is eliminated completely and permanently. No one will be able to tell the car had ever been smoked in.

    Chances are, your detailers already do a great job of cleaning cars up and making them look as new as possible. Now, with Auto Shocker, they’ll be able to make them smell as good as they look (better, in most cases).

  • You Smoke. So What? Your Car Doesn’t Need to Smell Like an Ashtray

    Removing smoke odor from car isn’t impossible, no matter what you’ve been told. Biocide Systems’ Auto Shocker is specially designed to eliminate smoke odors. Those deep set smoke odors that get down deep into the seats and carpeting are no match for Auto Shocker.

    If you smoke, then you already know that removing smoke smell from car isn’t easy. Most smokers just give up and accept the “fact” that their cars are going to have some degree of smoke odor no matter what they do and that they’re going to have to take less when they sell or trade in their cars. The problem is that they’re not using the right product for removing smoke odor from car.

    Car air fresheners are fine if you want your otherwise clean smelling car to smell like cherries, pine trees, lemons, or whatever other flavor air freshener you happen to find. They don’t do a thing for removing smoke smell from car, though.

    For removing smoke smell from car, you need an odor eliminating product that cleans it up completely. You need Auto Shocker.

    Removing smoke smell from car is easy with Auto Shocker. One application, and your smoke odor is gone completely. What’s more, any other odors you may have in your car will be gone, too. Auto Shocker destroys all organic odors leaving your car smelling clean and fresh.

    Want to get rid of smoke smell in your home, too? Try Room Shocker Quick Release. You don’t have to live with lingering smoke smell just because you enjoy a cigarette now and again. BioShock your home and your car today.

  • Want to Move More Cars? BioShock Them First

    When you’re dealing in used cars, it’s important to have every car looking-and smelling- as close to new as possible. No one wants to buy a smelly car. Even if they do, they’re going to expect such a deep discount that it’s not worth selling. Most car lots have detailers who do a great job taking care of making the car look clean, but they may not know how to remove car odors. Sure, they can mask them, but let’s face it: no one wants to but a smelly car with pine air freshener spritzed inside, either.

    So, what can you do about stubborn odors? Is there really any way to remove smoke odor from your car? What about other strong odors?

    There IS something you can do, and it’s easier than you may think. BioShock your car stock, and you’ll notice an immediate difference in the way your cars smell (and, we suspect, how they sell). You’ll remove smoke odor from your car, and you’ll be able to show your car detailers how to remove car odors quickly and easily.

    The reason Biocide system’s autoSHOCKER and other odor eliminating products are effective, even when other so-called odor removers aren’t is that our system eliminates odors instead of masking them. We never mask odors, or cover them with other scents. We eliminate odor, leaving your cars clean and odor-neutral. Then, when you hang that pine scented air freshener, you’ll have a pleasant alpine scent instead of cigarette smell with a hint of pine.

    When you BioShock your cars, you remove smoke odor from your car, giving you a leg up on the competition. Think about it. If a potential customer is considering two roughly similar cars, which will he be more likely to buy? Which one will she be willing to pay more for? The one that smells used, or the one that’s been BioShocked? We think you already know the answer. Use autoSHOCKER on your fleet of vehicles, and watch them fly off your lot faster than ever before.

  • This Fishing Trip, Make Sure Odor is “the One that Got Away”

    If you’re an avid fisher, you know all about “the one that got away.” Everyone has the story of the fish that eluded them. For your upcoming fishing trip, however, make fish odors the one that got away, not that prize trout! If you’re wondering how to get rid of fish odor, you’ve come to the right place. It’s a stubborn smell, and you need a strong odor remover from Biocide to deal with it.

    With Biocide, you can easily find an odor remover for your car, home and boat. First of all, let’s look at how to get rid of fish odor on your boat. After a day of fishing in the hot sun, your cabin and deck can really start to reek! For the deck, mix up some ClO2 Liquid Shocker with water and mop away, and then eradicate fish odors in the cabin with our Marine Shocker Quick Release odor remover. Within 24 hours, your boat will be ready for the water yet again.

    After you catch the fish, you have to transport them home in your vehicle. The small, enclosed space can really make fish odors intense! Here’s how to get rid of fish odor in your car: air it out for a few hours and then let Biocide’s Auto Shocker work its magic. By the time tomorrow rolls around, you won’t even remember you carried home the catch of the day in your sedan!

    Lastly, you’ll need to clean and cook the fish when you get home. That’s where our Room Shocker comes in handy. It gets rid of all cooking and fish odors and leaves you with nothing but fresh air. Feel free to use ClO2 Liquid Shocker on your tables and counters to get rid of smelly fish odors on surfaces, too! Nothing could be easier to use than Biocide’s whole line of odor removers. If you need an odor remover that works fast, BioShock your home, car or boat today!

  • Who says it’s Impossible to Remove Smoke Odor from Car Upholstery?

    You found a used car, and it’s exactly what you’ve been looking for. The right color, the right mileage and the right model. Unfortunately, it smells like the inside of an ashtray! Many people will tell you it’s impossible to get rid of smoke smell, especially in such a small, enclosed space. We’re here to tell you it’s easy as pie to remove smoke odor from cars, as long as you use Auto Shocker Quick Release, Biocide’s smoke smell remover.

    Cigarette smoke finds its way in to all the nooks and crannies of any material. The smell it leaves on everything is sometimes called third-hand smoke, and it can be persistent. Ordinary air fresheners claim to remove smoke odor from cars, but all they really do is cover it up with perfumes – you never actually get rid of smoke smell when using those products! You need a product like Auto Shocker, a complete smoke smell remover made from chlorine dioxide.

    In addition to being a thorough smoke smell remover, it’s also easy. All you need is a onetime dose of Auto Shocker Quick Release and you’ll get rid of smoke smell in your vehicle forever. With air fresheners they wear out in about a month and you’re still left with a lingering cigarette smell. Biocide’s Auto Shocker can remove smoke odors from cars quickly, safely and most of all effectively.

    If you want to keep other smells away and guarantee your car always smells fresh, you can use Biocide’s Auto Shocker Time Release packet. Unlike the Quick Release packet, which is meant to get rid of smoke smell in a jiffy, the Time Release is a less concentrated version of this smoke smell remover and can help you deal with everyday odors. You shouldn’t have to give up on your dream car just because the previous owner chose to smoke.

    Make your used car smell like new again with Auto Shocker smoke smell remover, and get rid of smoke smell forever.

  • Car Smells like it’s Been Lived In? Here’s How to Fix It

    For some of us, it feels like we spend more time in our cars than we do in our homes. Whether you have a long commute, have to drive from appointment to appointment, or simply spend a lot of time driving from here to there, you want your car to be a pleasant environment. After all, you spend a lot of your time there.

    A big part of that is keeping car odors in check. Most people just buy an air freshener and hang it from the dashboard, but we all know that doesn’t work, especially if you need to remove pet smell from the car. Others just figure they can’t remove cigarette smoke odor from the car and choose to live with it. It doesn’t have to be that way, though.

    There is a product which quickly and effectively remove all odors from your car or truck, leaving it smelling completely clean and odor neutral: Biocide Systems’ Auto Shocker Quick Release. Simple follow the instructions to use the product when your car starts to show odors, and the active ingredient in Auto Shocker goes to work instantly to neutralize and eliminate odors.

    The best part is that Auto Shocker actually removes odors. It doesn’t just mask them like most so-called odor removal products try to do. With one application, you can completely remove cigarette smoke odor from car. You can also remove pet smell from the car. Body odor, musty odors, and even skunk smell is removed quickly and thoroughly in a matter of minutes.

    It’s never been easier to keep your car smelling clean. Even if your car smells like it’s been lived in, one application will completely eliminate the odors, making your car a pleasant place (or at least a pleasant smelling place) again. Some have said it makes their car smell better than their house, but that’s OK. Biocide Systems offers Room Shocker for the home, too.

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