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  • How to Eliminate All Bad Car Smells

    Have you ever accidently left the windows down in your car before a rainstorm?  If you notice that your car is starting to smell musty, it’s a good idea to get rid of the odor fast.  There are many sources of strong and unpleasant odors in the car, including smoking.  If you’ve got that unmistakable mildew smell in a car, there is an easy and quick solution to your odor problem. Biocide Systems makes a number of products that are effective at eliminating the bad smells in your car.  Bio-Shock™ your car and you’ll find that your odor problems are gone in just a few short hours.

    You can use the Auto Shocker™ from Biocide Systems to get rid of all sorts of bad car smells. You can use it for removing the smoke smell from a car, the odor left behind by pets, or any other pervasive or bad smell that you don’t want to deal with on a regular basis.  There’s no odor that Biocide Systems products can’t deal with.  Permanently eliminate the odors in your life with the Room and Auto Shocker™.  Whether you ran over a skunk or have mildew growing in your car, the smells that they produce can be easily eliminated with these safe and effective products.

    Biocide Systems develops and sells the best in odor eliminating products for the home and car.  There’s no bad smell that can stand up to the power of odor eliminating products from Biocide Systems.  Car odor removal is easy with Auto Shocker™.  All you have to do is set it the car and a few hours later, the odors have been eliminated, leaving your car smelling better than ever.  If you have any questions or would like to learn more about these wonderful products, give us a call at 877-792-4624 today!  Our friendly sales representatives are standing by to take your calls.

  • 5 Reasons You Don’t Want Smoke Smell in Your Car (Even if You Smoke!)

    Is there anything more difficult than removing smoke smell from car? It clings to upholstery and weasels its way into the dashboard, making it almost impossible to eliminate smoke smell. Even if you smoke you still don’t want smoke smell in your car. Here are five reasons you should get rid of car smoke smell as soon as possible:

    • Thirdhand smoke can aggravate asthma and other breathing problems. The cigarette residue left in your car can increase asthma symptoms in yourself and other passengers. Removing smoke smell from car becomes especially important if you have young children with asthma or related conditions. Even if you don’t smoke around them, they may still be encountering the effects.
    • It can affect the lungs of unborn babies. Everyone is careful about not smoking around a pregnant woman, but did you realize car smoke smell residue can be just as damaging? Studies of car smoke smell from thirdhand smoke have shown toxins from leftover cigarette smoke can affect unborn babies – possibly even more than first- or secondhand smoke.
    • The elderly are especially susceptible to thirdhand smoke. If you routinely drive your grandparents around, you might want to eliminate smoke smell from your car with a product like Auto Shocker. Auto Shocker is great at removing smoke smell from car and getting rid of the nasty side effects it comes with.
    • It can make it harder to quit. When you try to quit smoking you need to restructure your whole life. You have to learn to enjoy activities without smoking, and riding in the car can be especially difficult. With Biocide Systems’ Auto Shocker you can eliminate smoke smell and set you on your way to becoming 100% smoke free.
    • You may want to resell your car some day. A car smoke smell is a big turnoff for prospective buyers. In order to increase the value of your vehicle you should work on removing smoke smell from car with Auto Shocker Quick Release.

    Auto Shocker works fast to remove offending car smoke smell quickly and efficiently. Keep yourself and your loved ones safe by getting rid of thirdhand smoke, even if you still smoke. Check out Biocide Systems’ Room Shocker for stubborn smells inside the home.

  • If You Smoke, Read this before You Trade in Your Car

    If you smoke and are considering trading in or selling your car, stop! Did you know you could be offered less from your car simply because you didn’t get rid of smoke odors before taking it in? The value of your car can go down markedly if you don’t take the time for removing smoke smell thoroughly. After all, no one wants to buy a car that smells like an ashtray, so removing smoke odor from car with Biocide’s Auto Shocker Quick Release is one of the best things you can do before attempting to sell.

    Some of us have tried everything when it comes to removing smoke smell, and nothing seems to work! All the upholstery cleaning and air fresheners in the world don’t seem to make one bit of difference – you may think you can get rid of smoke odors, but they always come back with a vengeance. This is because smoke odor clings stubbornly to any and all fabrics and materials.

    When you need to get rid of smoke odors rapidly and effectively, you need Biocide’s Auto Shocker Quick Release. Auto Shocker Quick Release is just the thing for removing smoke odor from cars completely. Rather than simply covering up the odor with a strong fragrance, Auto Shocker actually eradicates them entirely. With Auto Shocker, removing smoke smell is no longer an impossibility.

    Biocide’s Auto Shocker uses a chemical called chlorine dioxide, which oxidizes odor and erases it fully from the air and fabrics. In less than 24 hours, you’ll have succeeded in removing smoke smells from your vehicle, something you may have thought could never happen! There’s no heavy duty cleaning necessary, so removing smoke odor from cars with Auto Shocker is as easy as 1, 2, 3: remove debris from your car, activate the packet, and ventilate your car when it’s finished.

    You deserve to receive the full amount when trading in your car, so get rid of smoke odors with Auto Shocker so you’re guaranteed to. Removing smoke odors from cars is no longer an unfeasible task when you use Biocide’s Auto Shocker. For extended, every day odor control, try Auto Shocker Time Release. Time Release stays in your car for 30 days and keeps your vehicle smelling great at all times.

  • How to get the Odor out of Your Life after You’ve Kicked the Habit

    So you’ve finally kicked the habit, and now you want to kick the odor out of your life, your home, your car? Biocide can help.

    If you’ve managed the difficult undertaking of quitting smoking, congratulations! You’ve added years to your life and have drastically improved your health with this one important decision. Now that you’ve kicked this nasty habit, the last thing you want is to be reminded of it every day with a house and car which smell of cigarette smoke! You need a strong smoke smell eliminator to eliminate smoke smells in your home and vehicle thoroughly and easily.

    Unfortunately, removing smoke smells from car and home has never been an easy task. Sometimes it seems like the only way to completely eliminate smoke smells is by tearing up upholstery, buying new furniture and meticulously washing walls and carpets. Most products which claim to be smoke smell eliminators are just strong air fresheners which fade after time and do absolutely nothing to actually get rid of the odors.

    If you’re looking for a true smoke smell eliminator, something that actually gets rid of smoke smell rather than covering it up, you need Biocide’s Room Shocker and Auto Shocker products. Auto Shocker Quick Release is exactly what you need for removing smoke smells from cars, while Room Shocker Quick Release fully eliminates smoke smells in the home. Both are environmentally safe and can be used around pets and kids.

    The Time Release version comes in three different sizes, small, medium and large, so finding the right fit for your car or home is easy. Both eliminate smoke smells through the use of chlorine dioxide, a deodorizer which oxidizes odor and eradicates it completely. You’ll never come across a better smoke smell eliminator for cars than Auto Shocker. Auto Shocker is great for removing smoke smells from cars more effectively than any product on the market today.

    Removing smoke smells from cars and home doesn’t have to be incredibly challenging. All you need is a powerful smoke smell eliminator like Biocide’s Room Shocker or Auto Shocker Quick Release. In less than a day, you’ll totally eliminate smoke smells from any area. Give yourself a treat for managing to quit smoking and rid your home of smoke odors with Biocide smoke smell eliminators.

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