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  • Easy Tips to Remove Bad Odor from Shoes

    Entering your home, have you ever been through the experience of your nostrils flaring from the smell of garbage bins in your yard or from the odor of your pet’s urine?

    Or when you begin to take off your socks, someone close by notices the unbearable smell coming from your socks and shoes.

    Such scenarios are quite common and a bit embarrassing in any home.

    Such circumstances can be a little humiliating if you have a gathering at your home. You definitely wouldn’t want your guests complaining about unpleasant odors.

    To help with such inconveniences, here are some simple, yet important tips to remove these foul odors from your house. 

    Removing Odors from Food Containers

    You often forget to finish the contents of a food container, and when the expiration date has long passed, and it starts emitting an unfriendly odor, only then do you realize there is a stale food container hidden within that very cabinet.

    To freshen up your food container, try doing the following:

    • First, clean the container thoroughly.
    • Next, place a crumbled newspaper into the box, then sprinkle baking soda on it.
    • Close the lid tightly and leave the box overnight. Newspaper and baking soda will remove all traces of bad odor from your c     container.
    • Another way of getting rid of unpleasant odors from food containers is by using a loaf of bread. Moist a half loaf of bread with vinegar and place it in the container. Leave the container overnight. Then, the bread along with the vinegar will remove the stale food odor from your food box. After removing the bread on the following day, clean the box thoroughly with soap and warm water.
    • Allow it to dry naturally.
    • Here’s another pre-cleaning tip: If you don’t want the food container to absorb the food molecules, wet the kitchen towel with the help of olive oil and dampen the interior surfaces of the box with it. The olive oil will act as a protection for box surfaces.

    Removing Bad Odors from Shoes

    Shoe odors can get progressively worse if you don’t clean them carefully and regularly. Follow the given tips and preserve your footwear for longevity.

    • Clean your shoes with soap and water, and scrub them thoroughly.
    • Next, use a hair dryer to eliminate moisture. Brush them gently to avoid any damages.
    • Apply a tablespoon of baking soda and allow it to sit overnight. The smell will be gone in the morning.  
    • You may then spray perfume on your shoes to mask the unpleasant odor, however using proper shoe spray will actually remove the smell.
    • Another way to remove these unpleasant odors  is by soaking your shoes for an hour in the mixture of water and vinegar. Make sure they are properly submerged because only then this tip will work. Remove the shoes after an hour and allow them to dry. Apply paper towels or newspaper inside the shoes to support in retaining their shape while drying.

    In case you feel these tips are ineffective in your efforts so far in eliminating these stubborn odors, don’t forget to try Auto Shocker. The results of this magical product from Biocide Systems will surprise you. 


  • What to Do When Your Tenants’ Pets Trash Your Apartments

    As a landlord, you’re faced with a difficult decision. Do you allow pets, and the destruction and odor they can bring, or do you just say no? If it weren’t for the fact that there’s a huge market for apartments which allow pets, it might be a much easier decision. Renting to tenants with pets doesn’t have to be a bad experience, though. Even if they do leave the apartment smelling like dog or cat, the right pet odor eliminator can make all the difference.

    Most pet owners take reasonably good care of their pets and try to keep them from destroying the apartment. After all, they do want their security deposits back. Where most pet owners fail, though, is dealing with their pets’ odors. Perhaps it’s because they become used to the smell (much as a smoker does) and don’t see it offensive. You know, however, that an apartment that smells like pet odor isn’t going to rent easily to the next tenant.

    If  you want a pet odor eliminator that gets the job done right, use Biocide Room Shocker Quick Release. It will remove odor from room quickly and efficiently, leaving your apartments smelling fresh and new. Prospective tenants won’t even know a dog or cat had lived there because Biocide’s pet odor eliminator permanently eliminates pet odors and other organic odors (such as cigarette smoke odors).

    Of course, if pets damage walls, carpets, or furniture (in furnished apartments), you will have to repair or replace those items. Your best defense against that damage is a good security deposit. Most pet owners expect to pay a higher security deposit. Be wary of renting to those who buck against this (there’s probably a good reason they’re concerned).

    If asked, many tenants are willing to make repairs themselves (especially if it means they might get some of their security deposit back). It’s worth it to ask, at any rate. You could even have them use Room Shocker before moving out.

    Whether the tenants handle the cleaning, or if you end up doing it, the important thing is to get rid of pet odors by using the most effective pet odor eliminator on the market. There are many deodorant products which will mask pet smells and other odors temporarily, but most of them don’t actually remove odor from room. Room Shocker completely and permanently eliminates pet odors and other room odors, leaving you with an odor free apartment that’s ready to rent to the next tenants.

  • Making Your Lake Home an Odor Free Paradise

    When it’s time to take a weekend off at the lake house, the last thing you want to concern yourself with is cleaning and eliminating odor. That’s why you should make it a point to BioShock your lake house before your trip to the lake.

    Removing house odors common to lake houses is a snap with Biocide Systems’ Room Shocker Quick Release. Simply use as directed to remove odor from room after room. There really isn’t any work to it. The active ingredient (chlorine dioxide) in Room Shocker Quick Release does the work for you, leaving your lake house smelling fresh and odor neutral.

    Ideally, you should BioShock your lake house in the fall/winter when you close it up for the year. If you didn’t do so, it’s no problem, however. Room Shocker Quick Release works quickly to remove odor from room after room in just one application. Removing house odors-even stubborn lake house odors like musty odors and fish odor-has never been easier.

    There’s no need to spend day after day scrubbing with harsh chemicals and spraying air freshener throughout the lake house. BioShock your lake house before your vacation and you’ll enjoy a fresh, clean smelling vacation on the lake. After all, isn’t that why you bought a lake house?

    Lake house owners will want to keep a supply of Room Shocker on hand. After all, you never know when the boys will bring in a haul of lake trout or the dog will get sprayed by a skunk. Room Shocker takes care of all of these odors, as well as removing house odors that are more common in lake houses.

    Room Shocker is perfect for lake houses, but don’t stop there. It’s also great for removing house odors at your permanent residence. Lake House owners may also want to pick up Marine Shocker for the boat and Auto Shocker for the car. All Biocide Systems products eliminate odors quickly and effectively, completely neutralizing odor in your home, boat, or car.

  • How to Completely Eliminate Odor from Any Room

    How many times has it happened in your hotel? A guest complains about the smell and you have to give them another room. Be honest-it happens more often than you’d like to admit. Truth be known, it doesn’t have to happen at all in your hotel. If you have the know-how and the right products to remove odor from room, you can avoid the vast majority of these complaints in the first place.

    Now, giving a guest a new room is no big deal. The problem is that you usually end up losing a customer forever. Even if your service staff handles the situation in a completely professional manner, a customer who believes there is a reasonably good chance that she will get a smelly room will never come back. It doesn’t matter if that room was the only one in your whole hotel with an odor problem.

    The natural reaction to getting customer complaints is to blame the housekeeping staff. While we’re not saying some housekeeping staff couldn’t be more diligent, the problem is often tougher than that. Your housekeeping staff can spray deodorants and fragrance into the hotel rooms, but some odors just won’t go away. Even if they do manage to mask the smell temporarily, most air fresheners wear off in a few hours without doing anything to actually remove odors.

    Biocide Systems’ line of Room Shocker products are designed to eliminate odors, leaving your rooms smelling fresh and odor neutral. Best of all, one product takes care of all kinds of odors in the room. You can remove odor from room in one application in the vast majority of cases. You don’t need a separate carpet odor eliminator. Room Shocker replaces the carpet odor eliminator because it works by seeking out and bonding with the organic substances which cause odor.

    Make your rooms more pleasant for your guests while making your housekeeping staff’s job easier and more effective. Bio-Shock your rooms.

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