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  • Are Pet Odors Keeping You and Your Best Friend At A Distance?

    It is no secret that dogs are a man’s best friend. Unfortunately, pet odors can make you think of your dog more like your mother-in-law and less like your best friend.

    No one wants their house smelling like a dog or a huge litter box. You can fill up all of the plugs in your house with those little plug-in air fresheners and spray all of the cans of air freshener you can find, but eventually the smell will be back because it was never really gone.

    If you want to truly get rid of pet odor, you need something more effective than a simple air freshener. Air fresheners are made to do one thing; they make an area smell better for a short period of time, but they do not get rid of pet odor.

    Most carpet cleaners will clean carpets and leave your room smelling fresh until something comes along to disturb the carpet again, such as feet walking across the room. Biocide Systems has solutions that will permanently remove pet odors from just about any surface.

    With the help of such pet odor removal products such as Room Shocker Quick Release and Avanflex Liquid ClO2 pet odor is no match for Biocide Systems. The Chlorine Dioxide vapor in our Room Shocker Quick Release will penetrate all porous surfaces eliminating the source of the odor for good.

    With the use of Avanflex Liquid ClO2, you can treat a small area or use it on your furniture. ClO2 Liquid Shocker can be used for mopping, spraying, and soaking. You can use this product for pet urine odor, hospitals, animal facilities, and much more.

    When you want a pet odor eliminator that actually works, you want Biocide Systems odor removing products. Don’t forget to check out our AutoShocker products for your car or truck.

  • You’re Not Stuck with Those Car Odors, Eliminate Them Today!

    We practically live in our cars as much time as we spend on long commutes to and from work, driving to appointments, and road trips. The last thing you want to deal with is unpleasant odor hanging around while you are driving from place to place. When someone smokes, they don’t even have to smoke in your car for it to smell. Cigarette odor has a way of getting onto almost everything around you, which makes it extremely difficult to remove smoke odor from a car.

    No matter how many air fresheners you spray or stick in your vents, the smell will find a way to resurface because it is only being covered up.  Sprays only seem to last a few minutes and other air fresheners only a few days.

    Getting rid of the mildew smell after you leave your windows down in the rain is another odor that seems like it will be around forever. Between that and pet odors left on the seats, you may start considering selling your car or replacing everything in it just to get that fresh smell back!

    With Biocide Systems Auto Shocker, you can eliminate the offensive car odors that have become a part of your daily commute.  As soon as you smell odors emerging, use Auto Shocker Quick Release and get the best of the odors before they get the best of you.

    Biocide Systems’ odor eliminators don’t just mask pet odors like a lot of air fresheners and carpet cleaners. Our products break the odor down so that you do not have to worry about it reemerging.

    If you are looking for the best odor eliminating products on the market, you need Biocide Systems. If you need help removing pet odors from your home, or other house odors, be sure to ask about our Room Shocker as well. If you have any questions, we’re waiting with answers!

  • Breathe Easy In Your Home Away From Home

    We spend a lot of time in our cars between long commutes for work, driving to different appointments, and even on long road trips. Some of us even feel as if we live in our car.

    The last thing you need is an unpleasant odor lingering while you are driving back and forth. If you smoke in your car, you probably don’t love the odor it leaves behind. And if you’re not a smoker and have others ride with you sometimes that are, even if they didn’t smoke in the car, they can leave an unpleasant odor that seems to stay for a long time. It can seem almost impossible to remove smoke from cars.

    How many air fresheners will people buy before they realize that it really doesn’t work? No matter how many air fresheners you hang from your mirror or in your vents, the smell will keep coming back because it was never really gone.  Some of us even try using the sprays which seem to only last a few minutes or even less if the windows are down.

    Another nearly impossible task is getting rid of the smell that is left after you leave your windows down in the rain. Most of us are familiar with the smell that comes along with wet seats and carpet in the summer. Between these terrible odors and pet odors for the furry friend lovers, it may seem like you will just have to live with a car that smells a thousand smells.

    With Biocide Systems’ Auto Shocker, you don’t have to accept offensive car odors as a part of your daily life.  As soon as you notice odors that are less than pleasant, use Auto Shocker Quick Release and eliminate odors immediately.

    Biocide Systems’ products do not just cover up pet odors like a lot of other odor eliminators. Our products actually break the odor down so that you do not have to worry about it coming back.

    If you want the best odor eliminating products on the market you want Biocide Systems’ Auto Shocker. If you also have trouble removing pet odors from the home, or other house odors, be sure to ask about our Room Shocker odor eliminating products as well.

    If you have any questions, be sure to contact us today.

  • Don’t Get Rid of Rover…BioShock the Kennel Instead

    How many times have you said it? “I love the dog. I just don’t love the smell.”

    It’s isn’t Rover’s fault. He smells like a dog because he IS a dog. Even regular bathing isn’t going to stop him from leaving dog smell on the furniture and carpet (though it makes it more bearable, to be sure). So, how can you keep the dog smell out of your home without getting rid of the dog? It’s easier than you may think thanks to the revolutionary odor removal products produced by Biocide Systems.

    When you Bio-Shock your home and kennel, you do more than covering up dog odors. You completely remove odor from the room and kennel. Your typical pet odor eliminator does very little to truly get rid of dog odors. It may cover up urine smell or neutralize the musty smell that comes with having a dog, but it doesn’t really eliminate the odors. Room Shocker and Liquid Shocker from Biocide Systems do remove the odors. In fact, they remove them completely and permanently.

    The component that allows Biocide Systems’ products to work so much better than your average pet odor eliminator is chlorine dioxide. The chemical is not harmful. When activated, it bonds with the molecular structure of the organic molecules which cause odor. The resulting reaction eliminates odors entirely and releases harmless ions into the air. Your home is left with a completely neutral odor.

    Try Room Shocker for your home and Liquid Shocker for your kennel. After one application, no one will even be able to tell you have a dog (from the smell, at least). Biocide Systems’ products are easy to use, environmentally friendly, and safe for humans and pets. By Bio-Shocking your home with the Quick Release version of Room Shocker, you can keep your pets whole getting rid of your pet odors.

  • Car Smells like You’ve been Living in It? Bio-Shock It!

    Are you one of those people who practically live in your car? Many of us eat most of our meals there (Taco Bell drive-thru, anyone?), do our banking there, and spend half of our waking hours commuting or driving from client to client. Many of us have even been known to sleep in our cars from time to time.

    All of this can lead to a really interesting musty smell in the car before long. If you have pets that ride in the car with you, it can be even worse. So, how do you make your car smell like new when you practically live in it? You Bio-Shock it.

    Biocide Systems’ revolutionary line of odor removal products are perfect for dealing with musty smell in car, musty smells in homes, and more. They are also the perfect pet odor eliminator. Auto Shocker, Room Shocker, and Liquid Shocker all eliminate odors quickly and completely, leaving your car or home completely odor neutral.

    No odor is too tough for Auto Shocker. It’s a fantastic pet odor eliminator. It also eliminates body odor from car upholstery, cigarette smoke smell, skunk spray smell, and all other organic odors.

    Spend as much time as you need to in your car. To get rid of the odor, use Auto Shocker Quick Release. Once you’ve eliminated the odor, we have a number of other products to help you keep the odor at bay.

    Don’t live with musty smell in car any more. Bio-Shock your car today. We’re sure that once you do, you’ll also want to use Room Shocker for your home and Liquid Shocker for any outdoor areas (kennels, dog runs, surfaces sprayed by a skunk, etc.) that present odor problems.

    Try it today and smell the Biocide difference. We don’t cover odors up. We eliminate them completely and permanently.

  • 7 Unusual Pets And How To Deal With Their Odors

    If you’re into exotic pets, you’ve probably already dealt with negative opinions from neighbors, and possibly even from friends and relatives. Some people just don’t get it, and that’s OK. As an exotic pet owner, the best you can do is deal with the legitimate complaints (i.e., using an effective pet odor eliminator to deal with exotic pet odors) and shrug off the silly ones.

    We can’t eliminate all the challenges that come with owing an exotic pet, but we can help with the odor elimination. Biocide Systems’ line of odor elimination products are perfect for dealing with the odors of these, and many other exotic pets:

    1. Snakes. Contrary to popular belief, snakes (in and of themselves) don’t present a huge odor problem. As long as you clean their enclosure regularly, they don’t require any special odor eliminator products. The rodents they feed on, however, CAN be a real problem. The best pet odor eliminator for rodents is Room Shocker.
    2. Alligators (or other crocodilians). Like most animals, alligators, caimans, and other crocodilians have a unique odor. Unlike most common pets, it’s not an odor that most neighbors are accustomed to. The best way to keep it at bay is to clean their enclosure regularly. If your pet is still small and lives in an aquarium, Room Shocker will eliminate the odor. If it lives in an outdoor enclosure, use Liquid Shocker.
    3. Ferrets. The best way to keep a ferret’s odor at bay is to bathe it regularly. Otherwise, it natural oils produce a strong odor. You will also want to clean its enclosure and litter regularly. If the odor does become noticeable, most odor removal products won’t help. Use Room Shocker, the pet odor eliminator that removes odors permanently.
    4. Skunks. As long as you you’ve had your skunk’s odor producing glands removed, they aren’t much more odorous than dogs or cats. Like any other animal, they should be bathed regularly. If the odor does get out of hand, use Room Shocker (for indoor animals) or Liquid Shocker (for animals kept outside).
    5. Foxes. Foxes are becoming popular as pets. Unfortunately, most people who buy them are unaware that they produce a strong musky odor (worse than ferrets). Regular bathing helps, but you will want to use Liquid Shocker in their kennel as well. If you keep your fox indoors, Room Shocker is the most effective pet odor eliminator.
    6. Monkeys. There’s no delicate way to put this: Monkeys stink. They’re great pets, but it takes a lot of work to keep them clean. Bio-Shock your home at least quarterly to keep the smell at bay. If your money has an outdoor enclosure, use Liquid Shocker.
    7. Big Cats. Lions, tigers, cougars, and other big cats are a lot like smaller cats. They have a lot of the same odor issues (spraying, etc.). As you can imagine, the odor (like the cat) is more pronounced. Regular odor removal products won’t do the trick. Use Liquid Shocker as your pet odor eliminator.
  • What to Do When Your Tenants’ Pets Trash Your Apartments

    As a landlord, you’re faced with a difficult decision. Do you allow pets, and the destruction and odor they can bring, or do you just say no? If it weren’t for the fact that there’s a huge market for apartments which allow pets, it might be a much easier decision. Renting to tenants with pets doesn’t have to be a bad experience, though. Even if they do leave the apartment smelling like dog or cat, the right pet odor eliminator can make all the difference.

    Most pet owners take reasonably good care of their pets and try to keep them from destroying the apartment. After all, they do want their security deposits back. Where most pet owners fail, though, is dealing with their pets’ odors. Perhaps it’s because they become used to the smell (much as a smoker does) and don’t see it offensive. You know, however, that an apartment that smells like pet odor isn’t going to rent easily to the next tenant.

    If  you want a pet odor eliminator that gets the job done right, use Biocide Room Shocker Quick Release. It will remove odor from room quickly and efficiently, leaving your apartments smelling fresh and new. Prospective tenants won’t even know a dog or cat had lived there because Biocide’s pet odor eliminator permanently eliminates pet odors and other organic odors (such as cigarette smoke odors).

    Of course, if pets damage walls, carpets, or furniture (in furnished apartments), you will have to repair or replace those items. Your best defense against that damage is a good security deposit. Most pet owners expect to pay a higher security deposit. Be wary of renting to those who buck against this (there’s probably a good reason they’re concerned).

    If asked, many tenants are willing to make repairs themselves (especially if it means they might get some of their security deposit back). It’s worth it to ask, at any rate. You could even have them use Room Shocker before moving out.

    Whether the tenants handle the cleaning, or if you end up doing it, the important thing is to get rid of pet odors by using the most effective pet odor eliminator on the market. There are many deodorant products which will mask pet smells and other odors temporarily, but most of them don’t actually remove odor from room. Room Shocker completely and permanently eliminates pet odors and other room odors, leaving you with an odor free apartment that’s ready to rent to the next tenants.

  • Summertime is Cleanup Time for Your Kennel

    Dogs light up our lives. Those of us who have them would never want to be without one. Still, our furry friends can be a lot of work and can bring a lot of unwanted odors into our lives. If you have a kennel in your yard, you’re going to need to know how to get rid of kennel odor…at least if you want to enjoy your yard this summer.

    If you’re like most dog owners, you’ve tried just about everything to get rid of kennel odor to no avail. Some odors, like pet urine odor, have a way of resisting even the strongest cleaners and air fresheners. Fortunately, there is a product that works to eliminate pet urine odor and other dog odors: Biocide Systems’ Liquid Shocker.

    You may ask, “What’s so different about Liquid Shocker?”

    That’s a fair question. After all, you’ve already tried other products and they didn’t work. What’s so different about ours?

    The difference is simple. Most odor removal products are designed to mask or cover up smells rather than actually removing them. They don’t deal with actually removing the odor. Liquid Shocker does.

    When you Bio-Shock™ your kennel with Liquid Shocker, the chlorine dioxide in Liquid Shocker removes pet urine odor and other pet related odors. It results in the complete elimination of odor, leaving your kennel smelling clean and odor-neutral. Simply follow the instructions with the product and you’ll know how to get rid of kennel odor fast.

    While Liquid Shocker is effective against most types of chemical odors, it is especially effective against organic odors. Since the odors dogs leave behind them are generally organic in nature, Liquid Shocker is particularly effective on kennel odors.

    Is your dog an indoor/outdoor dog? Order some Room Shocker to take care of indoor pet odors. Pet urine odors and other offensive smells are eliminated completely with Room Shocker. Dog owners are also advised to pick up a doggiCLEEN Skunk 911 kit. While we hope you never have to use it, you’ll be glad you ordered it if your dog ever does get skunked.

  • The Worst Pet Odors and How to Eliminate Them

    Dogs, cats, and other pets add a lot to our lives. Unfortunately, one of those things is the need for removing pet odors. Odors like pet urine odors are among the hardest smells to get out of your house. You can’t mask them, no matter how hard you try, and it can seem impossible to get rid of them without getting rid of the pets. Fortunately, there are ways of removing pet odors effectively. Read on, and we’ll show you how to deal with the worst pet odors.

    • Skunk odor. We know, most of you don’t own a pet skunk (though it’s becoming increasingly popular, believe it or not). Still, when your pets and skunks cross paths, the smell is just as bad as if you invited the skunk over for dinner. If your pet gets sprayed by a skunk, use doggiCLEEN Skunk Spray by Biocide Systems to get rid of the odor quickly and permanently (or, at least until the next time your pet investigates the arrival of another skunk). Every pet owner should keep this on hand. You can also eliminate the smell from the house with Biocide Systems’  roomSHOCKER Quick Release.
    • Wet dog (or cat, if you can manage to get one in the water). Dogs have a habit of getting as wet, musty, and muddy as possible. If you’ve ever had a wet dog camp out on your furniture or carpet, you know the smell is tough to get rid of. RoomSHOCKER by Biocide Systems will do the trick quickly and effectively. Once you’ve BioShocked the room, use roomSHOCKER time release to keep it smelling fresh and odor-neutral.
    • Urine. It doesn’t matter if it’s dogs, cats, or any other pets, if they pee in the house, it’s going to leave a foul odor. Pet urine odors are among the hardest to eliminate for most odor removers. Biocide Systems’ roomSHOCKER can eliminate pet urine odors easily.

    Are you noticing a trend? If it seems like we’re suggesting that Biocide Systems’ products are the answer to every situation that calls for removing pet odors, it’s because we are. Here’s why: Biocide Systems’ cutting edge chemical technology uses chlorine dioxide, which makes removing pet odors easy, while releasing harmless and odor-neutral gas into the air, eliminating all of your organic odors-from pets and otherwise.

  • Eliminating Set-In Pet Odors from your Lake House

    Are you tired of so-called odor removal products that promise to eliminate pet odors and leave your lake house smelling fresh and clean, but in reality just leave your home smelling like wet dog with a twist of lemon?  Pet odor removal has never been easy, and it’s especially difficult in a lake house.

    Lake houses have a couple of things going against them when it comes to odor control. First, most of us shut out lake houses up for the winter, leaving whatever odor was already there to set in deep into upholstery and furniture. Secondly, for those of us who have pets, lake houses are close to the water. This means, among other things, that dogs have a tendency to get wet and pick up all sorts of odors. When you add in fish smell (especially if you live with fishermen) and shut the house up for months at a time, you have the perfect recipe for foul odor.

    We don’t need to convince you that lake houses retain odor. Chances are, you’ve already discovered that. We also don’t need to tell you that most pet odor removal products don’t even touch the odor, much less remove it. So what can you do?

    BioShock your lake house. Use Biocide Systems’ roomSHOCKER to eliminate all sorts of lake house odors. We’re not talking about spritzing air freshener to perfume over last year’s dog smell. We’re talking about pet odor removal. Biocide Systems’ roomSHOCKER uses chlorine dioxide to remove odors.  We are able to remove odors that normally linger in your furniture and carpeting, leaving your room with a pleasant, neutral odor.

    Don’t spray air freshener all over your lake house. You know all too well that doing that doesn’t really eliminate the odor. For a real pet odor remover, use roomSHOCKER from Biocide Systems.

  • Regret Allowing Your Tenants to Have Pets? BioShock Can Get Rid of the Odors

    Owning or managing an apartment complex can be complicated. Not only do you have to deal with tenants while they’re living in your building, you have to deal with them after they move out and what they leave behind – most noticeably, the odors! Pet odor removal can be a difficult one to tackle, especially if you’ve allowed pets in your complex for years. Thankfully, you can easily remove odors with a pet odor eliminator from Biocide.

    Room Shocker is a proven pet odor eliminator which gets rid of even the toughest of pet odors, including the seemingly impossible to remove cat pee smell. Combined with ClO2 Liquid Shocker, a great carpet odor eliminator, Room Shocker will leave your apartments smelling fresh and clean for the next tenants. Pet odor removal doesn’t have to require days of scrubbing, cleaning or getting rid of furniture and ripping up carpet.

    Use ClO2 Liquid Shocker to remove acute smells, such as cat urine. Liquid Shocker is a great carpet odor eliminator for cat urine, which dries and leaves odor-releasing crystals behind which are activated any time the area becomes wet or humid. That’s the reason pet odor removal of cat urine is so difficult – it seems like it’s taken care of but it’s still lurking about!

    After you take care of the offending smells, freshen the whole room with our pet odor eliminator Room Shocker. Room Shocker works in 24 hours or less and completely eradicates any odors, pet, cigarette or otherwise. Simply activate the packet in water and leave it alone to do its work – no hours of cleaning necessary!

    Biocide has a whole line of odor removal products, from carpet odor eliminators and beyond. You don’t have to regret allowing pets in your complex, but you may regret not using Biocide! Check out our Apartment Manager 10-Pack bundle and save 30% - ideal for when you have a lot of rooms to BioShock!

  • Urine Trouble if You Don’t Use Room Shocker!

    Sometimes, even well-trained pets can have an accident inside the house. When this happens, you need a solution for pet urine odor removal fast. Many home solutions such as vinegar seem to work initially, but eventually the pet urine odors come back with a vengeance. That’s why you need Biocide’s Room Shocker.

    Room Shocker Quick Release Odor Eliminator is the best answer when it comes to your problem of removing pet odors. Most products that claim to remove pet urine odors simply mask the smell with fragrances. With Room Shocker, we completely eliminate them!

    When your dog or cat does their business inside your home, the smell can soak into the carpet and is very difficult to get out. Room Shocker will take care of pet urine odor removal in the air, but the actual urine stain should be treated with ClO2 Liquid Shocker first. Liquid Shocker is placed directly on the urine and within 15 minutes works its odor eliminating magic. Once the 15 minutes is up, simply blot the area and allow to air dry for the ultimate solution in removing pet odors.

    Once you’ve used the Liquid Shocker as a pet urine odor removal solution, your next step is to use the Room Shocker Quick Release Odor Eliminator. Room Shocker is a strong product which quickly eliminates odors from the entire room within a 24-hour period. When you have pet urine odors to deal with, Room Shocker will get rid of them before you barely even notice that they’re there.

    When using Room Shocker, it’s important to completely close off the room you’re treating. Room Shocker is meant to be used in an enclosed space and that’s how it works its best as a pet urine odor removal product. Simply activate the Room Shocker packet and leave it be for a day. Removing pet odors becomes a snap because all you have to do is set the product in the middle of the room and wait.

    After using Room Shocker Quick Release, you might also want to try Room Shocker Time Release. This product will keep the room odor-free for up to 30 days, so pet urine odors are completely a thing of the past.

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