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  • Before You Make It Look like Home, Make it Smell Like Home

    You’ve just bought a new home. Congratulations. You’re eager to move in. That’s understandable. Before you do, though, it’s a good idea to Bio-Shock your new home with Biocide Systems’ Room Shocker.

    “But,” you say, “I didn’t notice any bad odors when we inspected the house.”

    That’s probably true enough, but consider this: In most cases, homes are thoroughly cleaned and freshened up before they are shown to a potential buyer. After all, the seller wants to present the home as best he can. You can just about guarantee the old owner and/or the realtor did everything they could when it comes to removing house odors before they showed you the house.

    Here’s the thing: Most of the cleaners and air fresheners people use don’t really eliminate odors permanently. In most cases, the reason the home smelled fresh when you looked at it was because it was perfumed with air fresheners. You need a carpet odor eliminator that can handle all of the tough odors you may have missed. Room Shocker is the best product on the market for removing house odors of all types.

    Maybe the home really doesn’t smell bad, but do you really want to chance it? If you Bio-Shock the home before moving all of your things into the home, you will eliminate any odors the old owners may have left. Room Shocker eliminates everything from pet odors to cigarette smoke odors to serving as a carpet odor eliminator. It can eliminate the smell caused by mold and mildew, eradicate smoke smells, and even get rid of cat urine smell.

    Don’t wait until after you’ve moved in to realize your new home has odors you’d rather get rid of. Bio-Shock your home right from the beginning, before you even start moving boxes in, and you won’t have to deal with anyone else’s leftover odor problems.

  • What to Do When the House Smells Like a Wet Dog

    We love our dogs and would do anything for them. Some of the smells they drag in the house after them? Not so much. To keep your home smelling clean and fresh, you need a pet odor eliminator that really works.

    If you’ve ever tried to keep your home looking and smelling clean with a dog around, you know that it’s no easy task. On top of your efforts to keep the dog reasonably clean, you need to be able to get pet odor out of carpets, mattresses, furniture, and upholstery. Unfortunately, your average pet odor eliminator doesn’t accomplish all that. Neither does your average carpet odor eliminator. You need a pet odor eliminator that doubles as a carpet odor eliminator and a furniture odor eliminator. You need Room Shocker Quick Release and Liquid Shocker.

    Biocide Systems has a complete line of odor eliminating products that knock odors out at the molecular level. The groundbreaking formula uses chlorine dioxide, a naturally occurring chemical which bonds naturally with the organic matter which causes pet odors. When the active ingredient in Room Shocker bonds with the smelly organic matter, odors are completely eliminated. We’re not talking about covering up or perfuming over pet odors. We’re talking about eliminating them completely. There simply is not a more effective pet odor eliminator or carpet odor eliminator on the market today.

    Room Shocker can handle the toughest odors your dog can throw at it. Wet dog smell? No problem? Even if your dog is sprayed y a skunk and brings the smell inside, Room Shocker can eliminate the odor.

    When ordering Room Shocker, you might also want to consider picking up some Doggi Cleen Skunk spray. It’s the easiest, most effective way to get rid of the smell should your dog have a run in with a skunk (and let’s face it, you don’t want to wait until after your dog has met the skunk to order it if you can help it).

    Check out our whole line of odor elimination products for your pets, kennels, homes, apartments, cars, boats, and more. If it smells bad (because of wet dog or something else), Biocide Systems has a product to eliminate the odor.

  • Getting Your Car Upholstery Clean and Odor Free for Summer

    Cars are practically a breeding ground for odors. Whenever you get a bunch of bodies in a small confined space for significant periods of time, there’s going to be odor. Add to that the fact that many of us smoke in our cars (usually with the windows rolled up these days), we eat (and spill) in our cars, and that our pets sometimes ride in the cars, and you have a recipe for some really funky smells. We leave the windows rolled up 75% of the time, running heat in the winter and air conditioning in the summer, ensuring that the odors we produce stay put.

    So, how do you go about getting rid of that odor? Is there an effective way of removing smoke smell from car? What about the myriad of other odors even nonsmokers deal with? How do we get those out of our cars?

    To effectively remove odor from your car, you need an odor removal product that can find the source of the odors and eliminate them. Odors typically hide themselves in the upholstery and carpeting, making them tough for most products to eliminate. When trying to remove odor from your car, it’s important to use a product which can serve as a carpet odor eliminator, since that’s where most of the odor hides.

    Most of the odors we deal with in our cars come from organic sources (burning tobacco, sweat, pieces of food dropped between the seats, etc.). Auto Shocker from Biocide Systems uses chlorine dioxide, a safe chemical which seeks out and bonds with the organic molecules which cause odor. When it bonds with them, the resulting reaction gives off odorless and harmless ions, making your car odor free.

    Removing smoke smell from car, or any other organic odor, is easy. One application of Auto Shocker Quick Release is all it takes in most cases. Even the most stubborn odors-skunk odor, fish odor, cigarette smoke odor, body odor-are eliminated quickly and naturally. Auto Shocker is an effective auto carpet odor eliminator, too.

    Do you want to get your car smelling fresh and clean for summer? BioShock it with Auto Shocker Quick Release today.

  • Removing Odors from Car Carpets

    It would seem like removing car odors should be fairly easy. After all, most of the car’s surfaces are nonporous and easy to clean and disinfect. So, why is it that you just can’t get rid of stubborn odors? What do the top auto detailers know that you don’t know?

    The truth is, removing car odors isn’t difficult if you know how to remove car odors and you have the right tools-starting with an effective carpet odor eliminator. You see, most of the really stubborn car odors, from cigarette odor to that musty body odor smell that accumulates in older cars, gets trapped deep into the car’s upholstery, carpet, and seats. The right carpet odor eliminator is all you need for removing car odors.

    So, where can you find a carpet odor eliminator that can tackle the tough odors that set into used cars? The best one on the market is Biocide Systems’ Auto Shocker. There’s no need to spend a lot of time worrying about how to remove car odors. Auto Shocker is easy to use and will generally eliminate all odors in one application.

    What makes Auto Shocker so much different from any other carpet odor eliminator you could pick up at the store? Simply this: Auto Shocker’s active ingredient-chlorine dioxide-does more than cover odors up. It eliminates them completely. It does this by bonding with the decaying organic material that causes odors. When Auto Shocker meets the source of car odors, the ensuing chemical reaction release harmless ions into the air while simultaneously neutralizing the smell. You are left with an odor free car.

    Whether you’re looking to sell used cars (and want them to smell cleaner so you can command a higher price), sell or trade in your personal car, or just want a more comfortable, less smelly ride, Auto Shocker is the carpet odor eliminator you’ve been looking for. Nothing is more effective for removing car odors. Try it yourself and see. When you want your car to smell better than new, BioShock it with Auto Shocker.

  • Carpet Still Stinks After Steam Cleaning? Don’t Toss It; Bio Shock It

    When you’ve scrubbed your carpets, shampooed them, and had them professionally steam cleaned and they still smell like cat pee, smoke, or some other unpleasant odor, it’s time to get new carpet, right? That is one solution, but it’s a rather expensive one. What if there’s a better, less expensive way of removing house odors from your carpet? What if there’s a carpet odor eliminator that really works?

    We’re not talking about your run of the mill carpet odor eliminator that doesn’t really do anything about removing house odors. We’ve all tried to get rid of odors by covering them up, and most of us have already figured out that it doesn’t work. As soon as the perfumed fragrance wears off, everyone notices the carpet smells again.

    At Biocide Systems, we take a different approach to removing house odors. We understand something that most of our competitors just don’t seem to get: In order to eliminate odors, you have to attack them at the source and remove what’s causing the odors.

    Believe it or not, that doesn’t mean throwing out the carpets. What it does mean is using a carpet odor eliminator that deals with the true source of the carpet odors on a molecular level. At Biocide Systems, our line of odor removal products does just that.

    The active ingredient in all of our odor removal products is chlorine dioxide. Chlorine dioxide actively seeks out the organic molecules which cause odors, bonding with them. When this chemical reaction takes place, odors are neutralized completely, leaving your carpet and home fresh and odor neutral.

    When you BioShock your home with Room Shocker, it will eliminate carpet odors and any other organic odors in the home. Liquid Shocker is perfect for getting rid of pet urine, musty smells, and other common carpet odors. Used Liquid Shocker in combination with Room Shocker, and you’ll feel like you have a brand new home again.

    The choice is yours. You can get new carpet if you want to. Just keep in mind that you’ll eventually be dealing with the same odors in the new carpet, too. No one wants to keep replacing carpeting if they can avoid it. Use Biocide Systems’ effective carpet odor eliminator instead.

  • How to Completely Eliminate Odor from Any Room

    How many times has it happened in your hotel? A guest complains about the smell and you have to give them another room. Be honest-it happens more often than you’d like to admit. Truth be known, it doesn’t have to happen at all in your hotel. If you have the know-how and the right products to remove odor from room, you can avoid the vast majority of these complaints in the first place.

    Now, giving a guest a new room is no big deal. The problem is that you usually end up losing a customer forever. Even if your service staff handles the situation in a completely professional manner, a customer who believes there is a reasonably good chance that she will get a smelly room will never come back. It doesn’t matter if that room was the only one in your whole hotel with an odor problem.

    The natural reaction to getting customer complaints is to blame the housekeeping staff. While we’re not saying some housekeeping staff couldn’t be more diligent, the problem is often tougher than that. Your housekeeping staff can spray deodorants and fragrance into the hotel rooms, but some odors just won’t go away. Even if they do manage to mask the smell temporarily, most air fresheners wear off in a few hours without doing anything to actually remove odors.

    Biocide Systems’ line of Room Shocker products are designed to eliminate odors, leaving your rooms smelling fresh and odor neutral. Best of all, one product takes care of all kinds of odors in the room. You can remove odor from room in one application in the vast majority of cases. You don’t need a separate carpet odor eliminator. Room Shocker replaces the carpet odor eliminator because it works by seeking out and bonding with the organic substances which cause odor.

    Make your rooms more pleasant for your guests while making your housekeeping staff’s job easier and more effective. Bio-Shock your rooms.

  • What Good is Carpet Cleaning if You Don’t Use a Carpet Odor Eliminator?

    You just got your carpet cleaned, so why does it still smell so bad? Biocide can eliminate that deep set odor so your carpets will smell as good as they look after a steam cleaning.

    It’s a great idea to get your carpet professionally cleaned at least once a year – a heavy duty carpet cleaning system can get rid of gunk and debris your regular vacuum and steam cleaner just can’t. However, there’s no point in spending all the money to get your carpet cleaned if you don’t use a carpet odor eliminator! Some office supply stores sell cleaning products but they are not enough. Horrible smells can easily seep into the carpet and hang around until the carpet gets wet, and then all of a sudden they’re out in full force. Simply cleaning doesn’t get rid of carpet odors.

    If you want to totally remove carpet odors once and for all, you need Biocide’s Room Shocker Quick Release packet. This packet of chlorine dioxide is the ultimate carpet odor eliminator, and does its work in less than a day! When you need to remove carpet odors like cat urine, skunk or cigarette smoke, you need something strong and efficient – you need Room Shocker.

    Room Shocker does exactly what it sounds like – it literally shocks and deodorizes the room. With Room Shocker, you can get rid of carpet odors you never thought possible, such as cat urine. No matter how much you scrub with vinegar or soap and water, it’s just not enough to fully remove cat urine smell. With a carpet odor eliminator like Room Shocker, however, you can totally erase the smell, and it won’t return whenever the carpet gets damp.

    This is because Room Shocker actually removes carpet odors instead of just masking them with perfume scents. After all, stacking a nice aroma on top of a bad one just gives you a nicer smelling odor – it doesn’t actually get rid of carpet odors! If you want to remove carpet odors forever, you need a carpet odor eliminator. Room Shocker gets rid of carpet odors in a jiffy and leaves the whole room smelling fresh and clean.

    For a daily carpet odor eliminator, invest in some packets of Room Shocker Time Release. Time Release can be used to remove carpet odors while you’re still in the room, and can maintain the pleasant scent achieved by Room Shocker Quick Release.

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